6 wtf woman


I believe in
woman.   A fragile figure with the force of nature.
She will suffer for love and
sacrifice for beauty.
She can control with tenderness and
hurt with silence.
She can empower a nation and yet cringe from a spider.
Love unrequited, she will sing the
most poignant songs;
Scorned,  not even hell can stand her fury;
Defeated, she licks her wounds and
rises again.
And again. And again.
But –  how could she?
How could she believe that her beauty
is lacking against a plasticized ideal?
How could she be shamed of the proof
of her wise years from those peddling her a cream?
How could she think that her value is
equal to the bag weighing heavy on her arm?
Yes,  she is worth it- THAT is a no-brainer.
But the real
question is not whether she is worth it- but rather- does she need it?
I believe in
I believe she can choose to refuse
these silly notions made to make her feel less of the glorious creature that she
is just so one can sell more creams, more lipsticks, more bags.
I believe she doesn’t need much.  And  by refusing things she doesn’t need, she has the power to leave
the rest of the creatures she cohabitates with their fair share of the planet.
I believe the power of her
refusal can make this planet
beautiful again.
I believe in
And I count
on her to believe in herself and save us all from our self inflicted doom.