When I used to work in the cosmetics industry, my cocktail chit-chat would go something like this-

With men:

Man  : I do not understand why women need so much make-up, when you women look much more beautiful natural- as you are right now

Moi    : Natural takes 14 products, that is how much I have on.

Man   : Ok, what I mean is – how you would look when you just got of my bed.

Moi    : The out of bed look needs 16 products.

With women, soon as they learn I work in make–up, they get this round-eyed look much like a kid begging for one more night time story.   They are instantly my BFFs and they are all ears to hear all about the machinations of the make-up industry.Now the cosmetics industry controls EVERYTHING about its image/products.

In a photo shoot, I know the exact angle of the head tilt to the degree, number of hairs cascading on face, length of false lashes (inner, center and outer), and which competitor’s products I will use on the model and make pass as our own.  

Yup, we take great degrees to make sure you get that “natural look”- but of course we will not tell you what it took to get the finished product and image.

And, so long as one is on the Cosmetic Industry’s payroll- fat chance that you will get the real dirt on your make-up.  So I scoff at the articles of “Beauty Insiders” and paid beauty editors & bloggers.

Alas, the real critics, individual beauty enthusiasts are kept privy from what really goes on with the products- so they only can react on the bullshit that reaches them.

Which is why, this blog series.

Now, now- do not get me wrong.

I am not an NGO activist.  I will not profess for you to limit your material belongings to 57 things and not take long, luxurious baths.   I love make up and fashion and beautiful things that work and spend good money on it now.

BUT much as you are fed this bullshit, you also have the right to know the real story.

Think of it as having generic names on your medicines.  Then if knowing the bullshit, you still would spend that amount of money for something that is basically,  cake icing, then so be it – at least you are making an informed decision.

The things you will get from the series-

·     Why I discontinue your favorite shade of lipstick
·      How I can make you pay and buy more for the same old product
·      A day in the life of cosmetic development, who gets to name the shades
·      Which products can you buy for cheaper and the same quality
·      Deciphering the truth behind the claims
·      Behind the scenes of a photo shoot
·      How to apply make up while driving
·      Words of wisdom/warning  to those who want to launch their own makeup line
·      The evil companies and the ones pretending to be good but are nonetheless evil
·      I will from time to time also give both praises and the dirt on product finds

I will also talk about the day to day bullshit of fashion, advertising, food, work and whatnot that are relevant to you.

But here, however, are what you cannot expect from this blog.

  • I will not post everyday just for the heck of posting.  I will post when i have something to say that i think will be worthy of your time.  Not all my mind farts are stardusts of brilliance you see.  
  • I don’t do raffles or contests.   If my content is not enough to lure you here, then so be it.
  • I will not review every new groundbreaking innovation on the planet.  Because chances are, they are not and I’d rather be productive elsewhere.
  • I will not be wearing badges of affiliation or accreditation or liking or recommending other blogs if I do not really like it.  Peer pressure never worked for me.

As well, girls, if you have any questions, shoot.  I am not on the cosmetics payroll anymore and my contract to secrecy has expired.

So, get yourself a glass (or a bottle) of your favorite red, kick up your heels and let’s chitchat!