So, you are seriously contemplating launching your own beauty brand…

First, let us take a moment of silence for the demise of all your remaining  free time.


But I have to admit that, even after 25+  years in the industry,  jaded old me thinks there has never been a more exciting time to create a beauty line than now.

All of these Kardashian’s  over-contouring , the drag queen’s sickening transformations (love them!) and these “millenials” “social media” skills are changing the rules of the biz and shaking up the Godzillas of Glam.

And I confess, I myself am excited to join forces with the indie girls. (Heck, I find myself over contouring these days) and use the experience gained from boring “Big Cosmetics” to shake down the beauty system, lol.


But first, a reality check : what you need

I will not tell you how special you are and that everything is possible.  A lot of people have tried and failed.  To succeed, you absolutely need these three things, otherwise, I will tell you now to fold your hand.

  1. Influence.  Or have access to someone who has.  Or a plan on how to get it in time.
  2. Funding.  At the start that you are setting your strategy, you can DIY.  But at some point, you have to have a plan on how to get the necessary funding. (I will help determine how much is needed and by what time).  And until you are raking in money, do not quit the day job yet.
  3. Determination .  It is not all fun and games as you might think.    It is a long tedious hard process and it takes time before you see fruits of your labor.  Professionals can help you avoid mistakes and wastages along the way but if you are not determined, you will lose steam, get tired of it and leave it halfway.  


And the following, money can/can’t pay for.  But this is where a crazy indie has definite advantage over Big Cosmetics.

4.  Concept/Idea.   Indies can have fresh & daring concepts that do not have to answer to an executive committee’s quest for the  bottom line.  This is where true voice and innovation comes from, something that Big Cosmetics can never, ever, ever replicate.


5. Time.

6. Passion.  Because love conquers all.


So still decided?

I can help.

I am not  a guru, a ninja, a rockstar, an icon, a queen or whatever superlative title you smart millenials  are bestowing upon yourselves these days.  I will not unleash your inner goddess and bring clarity to your self doubt to free your greatness.

Here is What I  Do

Think of me as your industry resource that props your idea with the power to stand its ground against any competition, the tools to execute it properly and the necessary infrastructure to launch efficiently (time and budget).

I will make sure you are set up right to make money and help you avoid costly unneeded mistakes.

Passion is great but nobody wants to have a failed venture just because you do not know the ropes in the industry.

To do this, I have designed a Brand Development Work program based on how Big Cosmetics do it, teaching you along the way and  giving you the elbow room for your passion and limitations.  I do it one-on-one, no funnel here fellow human.

If done full time, it is possible to have your strategy set as fast as 30-60 days as we do in the biz,  but a 3-6 month period is more ideal.

However, these are What I  don’t

1) I don’t accept bullshit concepts.

Not because I am joining the indie revolution means I am affiliating myself with any banner waving hipster out there.  Corny as it sounds, even If I have evil powers, I only use it for good.

As I see, bullshit exists not only in the big brands but as well in the scare mongering Indie ones.  You know the types, they failed chemistry and can’t pronounce polysyllabic words and have since declared ALL chemicals to be evil.  It’s science, bitch.   (Kids, let this be a lesson to you- study chemistry,  to arm yourself from those who preach that science is the anti-christ.)


2) I only man the fort.  I sharpen your strategy and provide the weapons.  You go to the field, lead the combat and deploy. 

You are in charge of finding your funding, increasing your influence in social media, finding your distribution channel and selling.   (At times, I may join in 3rd party meetings when extra-bitch power is truly needed.)   


3) I will try to be gentle but I will not lie.  (You have coaches and frenemies for that)


In the beauty biz, if your concept sucks, we say it to your face.  That way, we bruise your ego but we save on money, time and lost sales.  My job here is not to suck up to you but to make you get what you want.  If that means I have to kick your ass from time to time, I will.

How can we work?  Here is what I suggest.

Brand Development Work (BDW)

A work program that  will establish your image & product strategy, create your 3rd party briefs and set your time line and budget requirement.

 Ready to push “activation” button once your finances and influence are in line.


A little more about me (aka, why am i such a bitch)

I suppose my current blog bio won’t cut it for this purpose, lol.  So here goes my “selly bio”-


Years in industry: 25+


  • 700+sku
  • 500M€+ p.a. sales with 12.8% growth rate on a 3.4% year industry growth rate
  • Makeup, Fragrance, Skin care on a global scale


  • Global Category Strategy: Oriflame Cosmetics HQ, Natasha Cosmetics HQ, Unilever Region
  • Bulk Supplier Representations: Italy: Intercos, Gamma Croma, Interfila France:  Fiabila Japan: Naris; Korea: Most suppliers, really  Indonesia: Martina Berto Switzerland: CRB
  • Local Brand Representation (when i was younger:-): Ales Group, Phytotherathrie, Lierac, Nuxe, Caudalie, Pierre Cardin Cosmetics, Wet & Wild, Hard Candy, Urban Decay (when they were still cool), Bloom (Australia), Poppy King, Naris, Poudre T. Leclerc, Crown Fragrances, +++ (a lot more!)


  • Branding Quickie- Unilever,  University Marketing Students (as guest lecturer)
  • Emotional Branding for Regional  Marketing Managers, (Brussels, Turkey, Madrid, Czech, Russia)
  • From Banal to Luxury- China Luxury  Conference (China)


 Elle UK, Elle Belgium, Cosmopolitan UK, Huffington Post and a whole lot of beauty blogs



  • Graphic & Packaging Designers: Dragon Rouge, Paris & Several major French, UK, Swedish Design companies
  • Trendcasters: Peclers, Nelly Rodi, WGSN, Promostyl+++
  • Advertising Agencies: W&H UK, Publicis France +++


BS Mechanical Engineering

What to do next?

Drop me an email or DM me on my IG.  I will ask you standard questions to understand your situation and needs (and an NDA, if need be so you feel secure about sharing).

We will schedule a free first skype meeting  to further hear out what, manage our expectations and lay the ground work for a good working ambience that will ensure results needed.


If you think you have something womankind truly needs, what are you waiting for?   Womankind needs your crazy. Let us make it happen.