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Social media can either mobilise you or make you its bitch.

I like giving the creature in front of me my utmost presence and I allow myself silent peace as i am not a fan of beeps and ringing sounds (i don’t even use an alarm clock #truestory).  So all my notifications are off.

In social media, i post and answer personally.  Nothing is automated.   I block unnecessary noise as ads and automated posts.

So this is how I manage my communication/social media for those seeking to keep in touch:

I suggest point of first contact at twitter via DM  Then we can decide from there which common social media we can use for a call. 

  • WHATSAPP is only for coordinating to physically meet and other urgent domestic/work/squad matters
  • FB MESSENGER for impromptu messages/calls between family and friends
  • FB + INSTAGRAM This is how i keep in touch with friends. You can follow me if you like.
  • FB Page.  I have an FB page for beautyandthebullshit but i decided to simplify my efforts and just post direct from my personal page.  The blog is personal anyway.
  • TWITTER used as thought journal and i tend to stonetweet. You can follow me if you like.  
  • EMAIL rarely used socially unless it’s the only option.
  • PHONE never used nor answered.  Thanks to telemarketers.

Speak to you soon!










Photo taken October 2019.