In the interest of full disclosure, my day job is designing LUXILITARIAN travel products. 
For the curious, here is what it is about:


Luxilitarian is a way of life.

Of luxury and utility.
Of comfort and discovery.
Of passion and peace.

Life is a trip. Of wisdom and folly. With an ending and a beginning.

And the secret to living life is to live the in between of the beginning and the end.

The Big In Between.  The journey, the dance…  Life.

To breathe in each moment and express it in an impassioned dance-
for dance does not care where you start nor where you end.
It is about how gracefully you twisted and turned to the great symphony that is life.

Its joys and sorrows,
its peaks and valleys,
its twists of fate.

Does it overwhelm you?
Did you, by looking back to your past or forward to your finish, miss the point of the present?

Forgive the past, have faith in the future.
Free yourself of past and future burdens and live the moment with love.

Surrender to folly with the connivance of wisdom.
Laugh at yourself before others can even think of doing.
Be the joke, if you must  – but end up laughing, loving, living.

Luxilitarian.  Mobilize love.

Luxilitarian lives under the new company format which I call “Sailor Moon”. 
It is designed to mobilise passion.  Read about it here and perhaps you might want to join me.

I would love to have you on board. 
Together, let us mobilise the passion to mobilise love.


One bag, Nine lives.

This is an early prototype of F3 bag. It turns into 13 different formats. I have the latest new improved prototype. Excited? Let me know and I will think about you towards the completion of this project. I will send you a personal postcard with a calligraphy of one of my tweets. Because I h<3te you.

Eyecatcher. Un-lose your glasses.

This is an early prototype of the Eyecatcher/(M0)