Deciphering Mascara Claims

In spite of the inconveniences of the mascara, most of us just cannot live without this biatch - and i perfectly feel your pain. In retrospect, I think my life would have turned out better if I had thick, long, voluminous lashes - i could have argued convincingly...

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The Tyranny of Ingredients

When I meet make up artists or self confessed beauty addicts, the "serious" ones normally try to establish their high ground by throwing me their knowledge of ingredients. I find it quite amusing ...  yet so utterly futile! If only they knew how we get to decide...

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Those outrageous, outrageous claims!

(Photo Credit: Vilma Santos in Mars Ravelo's Darna) You know why mascaras are coming up with outrageous claims nowadays?  It is because the industry has found ways to test and quantify test results - that is all. It is not necessarily because we develop better...

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Mascara Me Not

The mascara is the cosmetic industry's big kahuna. Just see how much money we spend on mascara ads, tests, patents- and you will realize how important it is to us.  If the 24 shades of lipsticks sell say 6 Billion euros, the one black volumizing mascara sells...

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Mascara, the mother of all biatches

Mascara is the mother of all biatches. For no matter how mighty and compelling the claims are, how well-critiqued it is by "gurus", paid beauty editors, beauty insiders and make-up artists- it is NO GUARANTEE that it will be your BFF. Sorry princess, but with mascaras...

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Guru, shmuru

(Photo credit: Marlene Dietrich) I marvel at how many self-marketing “experts” can declare themselves “gurus” with a straight face. We all have to pay the mortgage but do you really have to buy your own BS? I mean guru is a title you can bestow upon yourself without...

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Fucking Amazing Mascara!

The super all-in-one mascara of your dreams! It does everything except balance your checkbook. But with lashes like these, we don’t see why you have to! Available in shades- catwoman, wonderwoman and supergirl. Translation: It is a cheap ok formula where we have...

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Revenge of the Dumped Girlfriend Exercise Program

(Photo credit: Elizabeth Taylor) Being a positive chirpy person that I am, when my boyfriend dumped me only because I threatened to slowly poison his coffee until the time he proposed which i only did to give him the incentive to make a move to make his happiness with...

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Goodbye Cruel Corporate World!

You know those goodbye emails that people send when leaving a company? Well, this one was mine when I left the cosmetic corporate world for good... Subject: Thank you and then some Dear Colleagues, My last day today here at *bip* - no wise words from the departing,...

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“Beauty and the Bullshit” is to beauty what “Devil Wears Prada” is to fashion.

ELLE Belgie