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In my lifetime so far, I have had a number of companies in a number of countries all over the world.  But none of them I would consider commercially succesful (heck, most of them are downright fantastical failures).

You see, even if I have been entrepreneuring all my life, I am not totally sold on how we do business.  I went as far as hating capitalism – blaming it as the root of all evils.

But as I dug deeper, though capitalism has made slaves of entire countries, dumped toxic wastes in the ocean and the third world,  imbalanced the distribution of wealth and caused massive deforestration and animal maltreatment driving us towards extinction,  it also brought us Milk Duds, which if you haven’t tasted yet, is fan-fucking-tastic.

So, in really contemplating in my head what to make of capitalism, I have come to the conclusion that Capitalism is no more than just an enabler.  It will take your desire and turbo charge it  a billion ways.

So, if it is your desire to make your neighbor envious (for whatever reason, like you have a small penis), capitalism will supply you with palaces with bonkers closets and a parking lot filled with flashy cars that will take the attention away from your small wee-wee.

If you come from a sun starved country where nothing grows, it will fill your hunger with sunny continents ready to be made a bitch of for the right price.

You see, capitalism’s ground rules right now is unfortunately designed by the two examples above –  a person from a sun starved country with a small penis- aka, a terminally-hungry, insecure bastard. 

And so, the current capitalistic set-up rewards the greedy and the insecure.   And everyone is just in such deep shit to think outside of the capitalistic box, so we all play along – pimping, hustling  and whoring 24/7 just to get by.

But girls, let me tell you something:

We all know that when a company has no sales, it will have no money and without money it dies, right?  And guess what, 85% of all purchase decisions are made by women.  (And the rest of the 15% by those who i suppose want to get laid by women.)

So if you come to think of it, us women got capitalism by the balls.

But here lies our problem.  We have become mindless basic bitches buying into beauty trends, gramming our pumpkin lattes, being insecure with our looks, afraid of ageing, paranoid of germs, craving for avocadoes in the dead of winter- ready to lose our shit with a pair of shoes on sale.

We have become capitalism’s bitch.  It knows how to push our fear, envy, hate and proud buttons.  And so we give our purchase of approval to whatever capitalism wants us to buy.

So, this blog informs us to make better purchase decisions, to be smarter than marketing, capitalism’s evil temptress. 

But aside from that, we need to change the rules of capitalism- that it rewards our true nature.  It rewards kindness and love- not greed and insecurity.

Think of  the same capitalistic company we know of with one little tweak:

  Everyone, from the CEO to the toilet cleaner is compensated
so that they live the same level of nature sustainable way of life.  

This way, you choose your profession according to your passion. 

  • If it is your passion to clean a toilet then do so.  It will not force you to aspire for something that you are not passionate about just because it pays better
  • When you are doing what you love, you cease to compare yourself and be jealous of others.  You all have the same standard of living so you can focus on your art or passion
  • The focus is not endless growth, nor endless profit but a sustainable life so no need to advertise to drive a need for a rose gold coloured version of that gadget you already own

Imagine if a country gives the same salary to its president and its street cleaners?   Or multinationals use their resources not to pad the bank accounts of its shareholders?  Or even a drug cartel doing it just for the love of?

There would be no incentive to be a  politician anymore if you’re in it just for the money.  Multinationals can focus on quality not quantity, and heck, even your dealer will produce better weed.

It would just be people doing what they truly love while being in balance in this planet that supports us. 

As in all other things, it is easy once you have made the decision. But you got to have the balls and make that decision.

Because this greed based capitalism is cramping our style.
And for fuck’s sake, do what you love already.


All my projects operate under this new company setup – which I call  Sailor Moon Enterprises.


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