Wow!  You are contemplating to work with me after all that I have said and done. Why my hats off to you, my fellow ballsy friend!

I may be a ball breaking biatch, but trust that I am no J’Lo and treat everyone due respect.  However, as it is to both our interest to keep this blog as arrogantly opinionated as France and as politically independent as Switzerland, I have set some ground rules.

If you are representing a brand, here are some options…

I accept paid ads but not at any cost. I may or may not care about these products but sure. Some minor guidelines:

  • NO BLINKING ADS. They are annoying and get in the way of my fabulous content.
  • NO PORN. I want my readers to read my posts in peace while stealing company time.
  • NO PROPAGANDA. The only ones who are allowed to have an opinion here are me and my readers.

Let us just be clear though- me blogging about them as well is not part of the deal.

I do not use hypes such as raffles, contests or surveys to lure readers to my blog.  So please do not think that these are doing me any favors.   As these are all advertising guised under sheep’s clothing, they are charged like any advertising material and billed the hours spent by my VA.

My product reviews are a service to the reader and not the brands.  As in really.
Reviews are free and samples, if you wish to send me are returned after testing, postage and handling to your expense.

However, this means:

  • If I do not think that reviewing your product will help my readers, then I won’t.
  • I determine when reviews are best published.  No use badgering me to your deadline.
  • A review can go good or bad.   If you have given me your sample, I will take it as having lawsuit immunity from writing my mind.
  • I do not give advanced copy nor do I modify my review
  • I publish all the goodies and special favors that you send my way and let the readers decide if my opinion has been biased
  • If you want a link with that article, that link will be treated as advertising and will be charged and announced accordingly.

If  in spite of all these, you are still here, undaunted and armed with the strength of the belief that you have a damn good bullshit free product, then send me an email and I will write you my current location where you may send samples, copy of test results and patents and a postage paid return envelope to.

Also, kindly include the name and coordinates of the brand and formulation manager (nope, PR managers don’t do it for me) who I may interview should I need to probe further into your product.

I would love to meet you, be your guest speaker and spill it all out live!  Go ahead and grill me with your burning questions!  It is going to be fun!

And finally, thank you for your continued readership.

– Rowena