Rowena is an engineer who has done intensive criticism in her past as a manager of a global makeup brand.

Honed to find fault in the most beautiful of supermodels, put a marketing spin to the most mundane of products of which she made more than 700 and making scandalous amounts of money along the way – she now enjoys life at creating travel products.

Her first published literature was as a groupie, titled “How to have your toyboy, and eat it too.” Her most remembered piece of literature is her goodbye email to the corporate world– the type that you will only write if you have won the lottery.

She once had aspirations of being a rockstar and was the vocalist to an all-female male bashing band called “My Black Bra“. The band didn’t see the light of day as 3 of her bandmates got pregnant.  Inspite of, she remains to this day an accomplished dance catalyst.

She can derive the engine efficiency of an otto cycle and can say “I’ll have a bottle of your second to the cheapest wine please”, in 32 languages, though really conversant in just 5.

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