Atlanta women submissive

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In the best case scenario, police were attempting to provide clarity: Since anti-Asian incidents have surged in the last year as people have scapegoated Asian Americans for the coronavirus pandemic, officials likely wanted to make it explicit that this attack may have been prompted by something different. That perception alone relies on longstanding tropes about businesses like these and about Asian American women who have been exoticized and fetishized as sexual partners as far back as the s. The media makes too many excuses for white supremacy and misogyny.

Officials have yet to reveal more information about the victims: Those who have been identified are Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, and Daoyou Feng, while four other women of Korean descent have not been named. Elcias R. Hernandez-Ortiz was also injured but experienced wounds that were not life-threatening. But it does seem unlikely that his choice of business and who it employs was random given the makeup of the state. In Georgia, Asian Americans are about 4 percent of the population, according to a census report.

Although their presence in the state and in the Atlanta area have grown ificantly in the past two decades, Asian Americans are still a relatively small proportion of area residents. As the New York Times reported , Asian Americans are about 2 percent of the population in Cherokee County, where one of the shootings took place. The Atlanta attacks also echo a chilling dynamic that has been observed in the data about anti-Asian incidents overall, which have found that women are twice as likely to report experiencing such attacks and harassment as men , and that elderly people and children comprised nearly 20 percent of the reports.

up to receive our newsletter each Friday. Over time, Asian American women were painted as subservient, docile, and the focus of objectification and colonization, rather than people deserving of genuine understanding and engagement. As Patricia Park writes for Bitch Media :. The perception of sexualized Asian women was informed by a long tradition of the Western male writing and controlling that perception, leaving the women with no agency and no control over their own representation. Asian women in the media have been few and far between; what few there were often had no choice but to take on the archetypal roles of Asian females.

The central problem with this stereotype is that it dehumanizes Asian American women and reduces them solely to sexual objects. That dehumanization, in turn, perpetuates violence toward these groups, and condones it. This is ificantly higher than any other ethnic group. Although recent attacks on senior citizens who have been pushed to the ground or robbed might not be tied to the coronavirus, the decision to attack them specifically could still be a racialized one.

Several of the recent attacks have also been concentrated in Chinatowns across the country, which include many immigrant residents who are likely to be lower-income and less visible. Law enforcement suggesting the suspect in the Atlanta shootings was motivated in part by his sex addiction doesn't absolve us from having conversations about race, anti-Asian violence and the fetishization of Asian American women.

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Atlanta women submissive

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Atlanta shooting symptomatic of larger issue of Asian women being oversexualized in media: experts