Black women swingers ny.

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Forgot your password? Perhaps I am not understanding where you are coming from because I do not view blacks from the stereotypical viewpoint that you have applied to everyone in regards to how they view blacks. I had a lot more written out, but I will just say this. We all come from different background and different experiences and our opinions are based from those backgrounds and experiences. It is up to each of us to take the time to try to see things from a different point of view.

Sometimes that takes reading a post two or three times and considering "how did they actually mean that" rather than assuming they meant it in the worst possible way. All of this is really so sad. My wife and I both white went to a club in Baltimore that had a rather large percentage of members who were black. We went there several weekends on different nights. And attended an event that the club held that had nothing to do with swinging, just going out and having some fun. We tried to be part of the much larger black community of this club, but we were shunned and ignored for the most part by black couples.

On the other hand, at two different clubs, we have had great evenings with some single black men who were personable, talked to us, and we had a great time with them even if it was just visiting. But every time there has been a black female present, the walls come up. I have no explanation for this. It has just been our experience. But it is what it is. We are moving to NC and were approached by a group on Swing Lifestyle.

We are putting it on hold until after we get settled. But I would hope that since they approached us, they will be more accepting. Granted, the majority of the group appears to be black men with white female partners, but there are black women in the group. I guess we shall see what happens. Also, being interested in that area, we have looked at a lot of profiles, and yes, we have seen comments in profiles that said that they were interested in playing only within their own race. That is their choice and we accept that just like those who only want to play with HWP couples or people who don't smoke.

It is their choice. If their choices don't match with ours, then we will move on. Nothing personal. It is what it is. You are simply not understanding where I'm coming from because you aren't reading what I am saying. I have never, ever said anything close to all people view blacks in a stereotypical manner. I also do not "preoccupy" my time blamming others for anything. I have never been in a position in my life to blame anyone for anything.

I am rather privilleged and in most respects have had things come easy for me. Please do not throw these insults at me without actually reading what I am saying. I keep asking you to please quote where I have said these things, and you never come up with anything. My only other clue as to where you are making these assumptions comes from my blurb about my life experiences. What you responded with was a micro-invalidation basically I spend my life playing the race card and my experiences aren't relevant because of your friends. I say all that technical jargon to make the point, again, that it is not my sole experiences.

Now where you took the step that I didn't is assuming that I let these daily truths stop me in any way shape or form. There is a difference between acknowledging a truth in life and letting it disable you. Can it be distressing Is it disabling for some Do some people ignore it completely However none of these positions are more valid than others. Discrimination and prejudice exist in the real world just as it does in the swinging world. I also chose to post about my experiences I totally recognize that this thing is way off from where it was, and that what I am saying may be uncomfortable for some, and I sincerely apologize for that fact however I think race should be talked about and not swept under the rug, yes, even on a site devoted to sex.

What has made me the most passionate in this thread is that people's experiences are being invalidated, and someone said something that I found extremely racially insensitive and offensive black women needing to specifically go up to the people that don't like them and sell themselves Either way clearly this isn't going anywhere because I am continually being misunderstood and it has become very frustrating due to the constant invalidations and support of an incredulous statement.

I can't be a part of a place built on the sharing of experiences where only some are valid. Also because in all of this, I look like the villan or angry negro dragging things out. We were at a club and shared a table with two other couples. Everybody chatting and getting along fine, and then while the Mrs. They were telling me how they preferred this club over the other for several reasons, and then at the end kind of nonchalantly dropped in that the other club had "too many people who don't stay in their own race.

Still not sure if they recognized the attraction between us and the other couple and the comment was intentionally made, or whether they were oblivious to it and just said something stupid. If the later, I've wondered what they said to each other when the four of us got up and headed toward the play room. I tend hope to think it wasn't intentional, because they were still at the table when we returned and weren't standoffish the rest of the night. So, in this one case for us anyway, a black female was involved and no walls came up in terms of playing, but there was the odd interaction with the other couple.

We don't have a problem with it, but when we see it in a profile, fair or not, we do try to judge where they are coming from. If you could substitute "we prefer blondes" then fine, to each their own. If we get the vibe it's because "redhe and brunettes shouldn't mix" then we'll take a pass. I said right from the start its not fair. It won't change someone who has 'whites only' on their profile, but it may well be good for a couple who is afraid to approach you based on the stereotype.

We were talking about the idea of black women being intimidating, and therefore hard to approach. But whitey here dared suggest that being approachable would be a good solution, what WAS I thinking? Funny we have a thread active about tall men being intimidating to women and people gave advice to that man, without it being deplorable. Normally at this point I say 'Lighten up Francis' but I'd hate for that to be taken the wrong way too.

Your refusal to examine the offensiveness of your statement is actually proving my point, more than I ever could. Pick your own fights, but the fact that thee are swingers out there, like us, that don't care about whether you are white, black, or yellow, doesn't that make a differece? We care about who you are, your personality, sigh I am 50 years old and remember the stupidity when I was a teenager.

I didn't understand it then, I don't understand it now. I just read through this whole thread and my head hurts!!! As a black woman, Chicup I was not offended by any of your comments or preferences. But I can also totally relate to where the female half of Easleyfuncpl is coming from as well. People are all different, and will always continue to be different. Some things that are said or done that I find offensive might not phase the next person.

Vice versa. Part of life. I can say though that there have been times where as per one of my posts within the past couple of months I was approached several times by men of different races while their female partners were elsewhere But, who am I to say what these guys primary reasons for that were? I honestly have no clue what they were thinking. For all I know, my most recent incident could have simply been because they assumed my hubby doesn't speak English, or something else crazy like that which is possible since we choose to speak Spanish when discussing other people in public Easleyfuncpl, girl living in the Carolinas is tough stuff as it is.

Being part of a mixed race couple is even harder, depending on where exactly you live. I constantly worry about how my kiddos will be treated when they start school we live in a small, rural town. I'm sorry you were so deeply upset by some of the things that were said, but I don't think this thread should be reason enough for you to leave SwingersBoard!

If your experiences have been anything like mine which I of course don't know, but I'm just saying At least this one has some really interesting, two-sided dialogue! Should we be jealous? Have you already checked out the area you're moving to? Well, I moved our profile to the area this morning. Yes, drop me a note on SLS , we use the same profile name there, and I will point you in their direction.

Seems they have regular meet-n-greets. But until we get settled in, we won't be seriously looking to meet new folks. Pretty face, light brown to dark chocolate soft skin, slim bodyframe, very small waistline, firm bubble butt, hourglass hips, nice firm tits, milky white teeth and nice smile, excellent cooking skills, feminine and strong, excellent sex skills, they're great. The person who I have the most intense emotional and sexual relationship with is a black woman.

It has nothing to do specifically with her being black she was married to a black man and we used to swing with them, he is nice and good, but nothing special. It is her intelligence, beauty, fitness and drive - the same things that make her more attractive to my husband than I am.

I both love her and am jealous of her. We have been swinging since , initially primarily at clubs in the northeast corridor and at Desire. Our overall experience is, I guess anecdotal, but the of black couples we've seen in those settings were few and far between and probably a much smaller proportion in the swinger population than in the general population of the country.

I can't even begin to guess why that appears to be so. We've seen way more mixed couples over the years than black couples and way, way more single black males than single black females. The original question, "how do swingers feel about black females" is simple for us, we like females, Mrs Doc is more or less bi-lite and I am a pure heterosexual. If we meet a woman who is either single or part of a couple and who is attractive, intelligent and playful and who is interested in us, race is a non issue.

In fact, one of our most memorable nights was at a halloween party at a club. Everyone was in costume of course, and as the night progressed we and our friends noticed a black woman in a very sexy Klingon costume complete with the oversized forehead. Mrs Doc and I spoke to her a couple of times in passing and found out that she was single and it was her first club visit. She did say she was primarily interested in having a bisexual experience and since that was not my wife's focus, we figured we had seen the last of her as we and our friends another couple headed off to find a room.

We found an open door and as we and our friends went in the Klingon asked if she could us again saying she was interested in women. She was very nice and very attractive and our friend was a bit more than curious so we invited the Klingon in. We all pretty much undressed each other and the Klingon was just as sexy out of the costume. The other wife and her engaged in some bi-play, there was a lot of foreplay among the 5 of us.

Then she went down on Mrs Doc and while her butt was up in the air, I asked if I could touch her and she said yes. She licked my wife to several orgasms while I fingered her and she just got wetter and wetter and thrusted back onto my hand.

Black women swingers ny.

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