Columbia my wife video

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You will need a COE:. Learn more about changing to student status in the U. Review our Comparison Chart to understand the benefits and restrictions. If you are receiving a Columbia scholarship you are not required to obtain J-1 status. Go to the Applying for Your Transfer I . If you are a current student at Columbia -- or on Post-Completion OPT after completing a program at Columbia -- you should not apply through this .

Follow the instructions on our beginning a new program . If you are a former student returning after a temporary leave from Columbia, you should not apply through this . Follow the instructions on our leave of absence . Go to the J-1 Student Transferring to Columbia . Your spouse and children under 21 years of age will need a dependent COE to apply for an F-2 or J-2 visa.

You will need to provide proof of additional funding beyond your personal expenses. If you are not yet married at the time of your application but will be married before you come, you may include your future spouse in the application. However, you must be legally married at the time your spouse applies for an F-2 or J-2 visa. If you are in a relationship but not legally married, your partner is not eligible for a dependent visa, but may apply for a B-2 visitor visa to accompany you under a provision for Cohabitating Partners described in the Foreign Affairs Manual for visa officers.

Look for 9 FAM If you don't have a PID, contact your admissions office. It is part of your Columbia address. Not sure of your campus? Check our campus school list. Need help using Compass? Learn more on our Compass User Guide. If you still do not receive it, please the correct ISSO campus and be sure to include your PID and your preferred address in the body of the .

If you were recently accepted to Columbia, your record may not yet be in our system. Make sure you have accepted your offer of admission and paid your deposit, if applicable. If you cannot access the system after 10 business days, please the correct ISSO campus:. Check our Campus school list. Don't worry! Complete applications will be processed per the processing time indicated above. If you have questions not addressed on this , the correct ISSO campus. For Students. On this list-ul icon. Before You Apply. Supporting Documents Checklist.

What is a COE? Eligibility list-ul icon. To qualify for a COE you must:. Refer to our Estimated Expenses by School of Admission. F-1 Status or J-1 Status. Most students come to the U. Before You Apply Do any of these situations apply to you? Current F-1 Students at Another U. Apply for your ALP I Studying English at another school in the U. Apply for your F-1 visa and enter the U.

Current J-1 Students at Another U. Planning to Get Married. Bringing a Partner. For an overview of the process, watch our short video below! Prepare your documents. Apply for Your Visa at a U. Prepare your documents Supporting Documents Checklist.

The identification of your passport 3. Passport identification of each dependent, if applicable 6. If you're currently in the U. The processing fee is required and cannot be waived. Follow the instructions in your online application to pay for your shipping. Compass Help Not sure of your campus? Expand all Collapse all. I received an error message when requesting my Limited Services PIN If you were recently accepted to Columbia, your record may not yet be in our system.

Don't know your UNI? Haven't activated your UNI? Received an error message when you logged in? Processing Time. Check your . We will you if we need additional information. Apply for your visa at a U. Back to Top.

Columbia my wife video

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