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Most sex workers meet customers in person. For them, the coronavirus spells economic ruin. I [normally] only make a bit of money through online avenues. But like many others, Cleo has switched focus to digital since the lockdown came into effect. Online dominatrix Eva de Vil says: "There's lots of new girls ing the scene right now - or offline sex workers moving online to help with finances.

And she has seen a growing appetite from her clientele for isolation-themed roleplay "clips" - on-demand videos not filmed live. We're used to working [online] and from home," she adds. But for many client-facing sex workers, moving online is not a simple solution. Using the online platforms means having to give them a cut of earnings. And there is a need to invest in equipment, including "tripod, decent lighting, sex toys, et cetera", which can be challenging to acquire during the lockdown.

It is much harder to hide one's identity online and video content can be stolen. In February, for example, London-based OnlyFans saw 1. UK sex worker Lizzy says camming has become even more competitive since the pandemic began. And data from the world's largest "camming" websites supports this. Max Bennett, from the Stripchat website, where audiences pay to watch livestreamed sex, says: "Adult performers are moving to livecams, as traditional [markets] have largely shut down.

To drive demand, some online sex workers are taking special measures. StripChat, for example, is handing out hundreds of free tokens to new viewers worldwide, enough for each recipient to pay a sex worker for a minute private session. But for some sex workers, the costs and challenges of moving online are simply too large.

For example, Butterfly - an Asian and migrant sex worker support network - has published a Covid guide that recommends sexual positions that minimise face-to-face contact, among other precautions. But the nature of the industry makes it difficult for workers to tap into government schemes to compensate self-employed workers for lost earnings. Prostitution itself is not illegal in England, Wales and Scotland - though it is unlawful to pay for sex in Northern Ireland - but the trade is often cash in hand and unrecorded. In the US, the massive Covid bailout bill explicitly excludes legal sex workers from protection.

According to the English Collective of Prostitutes, many sex workers are single mothers already made poorer by austerity measures - and the coronavirus is now exacerbating their situation. With these concerns in mind, hundreds of online initiatives have popped up worldwide, such as the Covid hardship fund from Swarm, a UK sex worker-led collective. It says it has already used donations to support sex workers in need.

The long-term solution, however, is for better government support for sex workers, says Goddess Cleo. Image source, Getty Images. Image source, Twitter. Not so easy. Privacy is another concern. Camming websites are also taking action. No choice.

Some support is available to these workers. Related Topics.

Corona sex tonight

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