Hookup in my car

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MirrorLink is a car-based technology system that is deed to allow users to safely access information, entertainment and communication features of their mobile phone while driving. MirrorLink has become increasingly popular alongside similar systems like Apple CarPlay for iPhone users and Android Auto, because as smartphone users become ever more reliant on their devices, the advantages of accessing apps, playlists and data on the move have become more and more appealing. Originally developed by Nokia for its own mobile phones, MirrorLink compatible phones are now much more widespread since the tech has been taken over by the Car Connectivity Consortium, which is a non-profit industry body dedicated to safe and simple connections between vehicles and smartphones of any make.

Its aim is to work with as many individual smartphone operating systems as possible, and various MirrorLink Android phones are available, although iPhones are not currently supported and you can check which phone models can be connected at the MirrorLink website.

Either way, MirrorLink claims it is currently the industry leader as it is available on more cars and smartphones than any rival system. With such a wide range of Mirrorlink compatible brands and hardware, the system has several advantages over proprietary systems from Apple or Android. The open source approach means any developers around the world can seek approval for new MirrorLink apps. If they meet the CCC standards they can be certified for use with the system, leaving drivers free to download the MirrorLink apps they want to their smartphones.

They are currently exploring technology that will enable MirrorLink to be used as a data sharing system suitable for usage based car insurance. This will enable MirrorLink to send information about your journeys, speed and driving style to third parties, all via an insurance company app on your smartphone.

If your car has multiple phone connection systems installed — e. CarPlay and MirrorLink, you may have to go into vehicle settings and select the correct system. Voice control systems, and controls on your steering wheel will also work with MirrorLink too, but your mobile phone itself cannot be used to control functions while the MirrorLink dashboard interface is enabled. The technical point of view is far too complicated for the purposes of this guide, but basically the MirrorLink system works with a variety of existing technologies such as IP, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , RTP and VNC, integrates various car als like GPS location and vehicle speed, plus system control hardware, and makes it all work seamlessly thanks to clever coding.

However, as well as the expected apps like Facebook, Twitter and Spotify, and a host of radio apps, weather, travel info, Parkpopedoa and car company apps, there are a few more intriguing selections available. For example Glympse, which allows you to send your position to friends or family, and for them to track your journey home, and others, which record vehicle data and provide tips on a more efficient driving style.

This will potentially be useful in all sorts of future scenarios like car sharing schemes where your smartphone will unlock vehicles for occasional use. The best and most up-to-date list of cars fitted with MirrorLink can be found on the official website. Have you used MirrorLink? Tells us what you thought of it in the comments section below New no-nonsense Dacia Duster Commercial unveiled.

Do many cars and phones have MirrorLink? How does MirrorLink work? What phones are compatible with MirrorLink? What cars have MirrorLink fitted? Share this on Twitter Share this on Facebook . Most Popular. Dacia Duster Commerical Van. Dacia has turned the facelifted Duster into a tough light commercial vehicle with a 1,litre load bay and a half-tonne payload.

Hookup in my car

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What is MirrorLink? Guide to the car smartphone hook-up system