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TH« R«mirkab! Only one flaw marred the otherwise com C ite »aceeaa of thia n. Ca h-h. I feel entourage l to believe that if 1 «M it n abort time longer I t till be fully able to eradicate the dieeamo of thirfy year a' ml. If you do not derive prompt and satisfac tory from the use of l'eruna write «t race to Dr. Ha -tman, giving a full state ment of your case and he will be pleased to give you his valuable advice gratis.

Address Dr. Two darkies were walking up Madi son street late yesterday afternoon to ward the river. A steamboat waa about to land, anid they were hurrying down to the wharf to make a "piece of money. It a long time, an' It aho will make yer good money. I'm done frti wid steamboaten. He s, moreover, for these extreme exaggera tions In figures on very plausible grounds In India, he says, the law requires that when there is a sudden death a detailed report of it must be made to the civil surgeons, and aa there are many auch deaths far from the civic offlcei where the report should be made, the under officers per form their duty with the least possible trouble.

To save the annoyance of transporting dead bodies, or vital or gane, and the loss of time In getting evidence on the facts of the cases— which may be plain murders, by poi son or otherwise—a report of death fcy "snake bite" is made. This sort of report is very convenient and makes Interesting statistics. Your Hair - "Two years ago my hair wae falling out badly. Miss Minnie Hoover, Paris, Hi.

If you want long, thick hair, feed it with Ayer's Hair Vigor, and make it rich, dark, and heavy. Addreae, 1 j. Plenty of Potash In th« fertilizer spells quality I A. It is. Perhaps In that part of the world men are over anxious to be married, and everything which can possibly be done to Induce them to remain single until they ar rive at a more mature age has to be resorted to. It is another esse of all being fair in love and war, aad no doubt the Chinaman who is shouting to-day as he accompanies hls friend knows fnll well that next week he may be the bridegroom-elect, and so the punish ment is robbed of much of its terror.

Death must havt grsatly diminished terrors for the inhabitants of Rut land county, Vermont. From the town of Fairkavsn as a cantor an saterpris ing firm of undartakers—"funeral di rector«" have not yet penetrated that seetian— haa. Caskets of Every De.

Seat Free. These diseases, with sches and psias in bones, ts and back, agonising pains in shoulder blades, hands, fingers, arms and legs crippled by rheumatism, lumbago, sci atica, or neuralgia; hawking, spitting,noaa bleeding, ringing in the ears, sick stomach, deafneaa, noises in the bead, bad teeth,thia hot blood, all run down feeling of catarrh are sure s of an awfnl poisoned condi tion of the blood. Take Botanic Blood Balm. Soon all aches and paina stop, the poison is dcstroysd and a real permanent cure ia made of the worst rheu matism or foulest catarrh.

Thousands of rates cured by taking B. It strength ens weak kidney« and improve« digestion. Druggists, 1 per large bottle. Describe trouble and free medical advice sent in sealed letter. The trouble with tome men is that they are not ready for their opportunities when they come. Beee and Rheumatism. Onr contemporaries teem to be elated over the bee cure for rheuma tism and devote considerable apace to thia stringent remedy.

For ourselves, w-s can see no reason for rejoicing. We have been set upon by a hive full of bees and we have been rendered helpless by a rheumatic onslaught. Of the two evils it's a toss of the penny which ia the "wusser. One thing ie certain, however, an aggressive, able-bodied, active bee can make Itself so busi ness-like that the roeumatic not only forgets his rheumatism, but every other ill that flesh ie heir to. She Does Not Flirt. The one girl In the world who does oot understand the art of flirting is ehe of the Philippine Islande.

She Is wom anly and interesting, extremely grace ful, as straight as an arrow and always picturesque, but seldom pretty. The type of beauty of all the Pacific Islande is the same. The skla is yellow or brown, the hatr straight and shiny black, the eyee soft and lus trons, and the teeth white. The girls are modest to tbe last degree. We, the undered, have known F. West A Tmcax Wholesale Druggist«. Testimonials Prie«, 75c. Bold by all Drug flat. Quarantine waa brat eatablVsaed against infectiona diseases in the tonth centur y. No fit or nervoue DMisafter first day'» use of Dr.

Kline's Great NcrveHestorer. Klix x, Ltd. The man who doesn't hit tbe mark every time isn't a faHure by a long shot. Jam aure Ptoo sCurs for Consumptioni my life ihre« yearn ago. Map le Bt,, Norw ich, it. F the men who have achieved great prominence and high influence In our affairs of state the country boys are at least twenty to one over the c-lty inds. Nowadays, indeed, our cynical city l look upon men who take an active Interest In public affairs as rathei low fellows and quite beneath their association and notice.

But the country boys arc at the top ir. Our great railways were in the main built by them, and today the administrators of these great com panles are in great measure from farms and country villages, from places where work began In early infancy, and a sense of duty developed while still the lisp of childhood lingered.

Some city boys, however, are of such sturdy stnff, and endowed with such natural gifts, that they succeed by reason of their inherent superiority; other succeed abundantly because they have used their opportunities wisely, and in real life have pursued the same course which enables so many country boys to win fame and fortune. The more honor to them for having survived theli too great opportunities. But the country boy when he comes to town reaches out for the high places; though not all find seats of the mighty, nearly all of the exalted stations are filled In the end by men of country rearing, for they usually start out with the sound theory that what Is worth having is worth striving for.

HE trouble of life is an old theme, and ever a true one. Trouble It beeause It is the heritage of man from his very cradle. When his faithful nurse takes the pin or scissors from him, fear ing he will hurt himself, is it not the oame trouble to the child at when our older toys and discoveries are taken from us and labeled "harmful?

It cannot bear the light It Is Intangible, and under hte Influence of strong light will vanish. King David, gazing on the troubles within and without Judea, exclaims with pathetic intonation. This species of trouble is the product of a distorted and diseased imagination.

Hamlet answers Borencrantz's denial that the world is a prison by saying: "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. One of the most pathetic sights of the a'orld Is man striving to look into the future, moved by a thousand fears and unnerved by torturing thoughts. It Is the uncertainty of the future, that causes fear.

But is it not plausible to believe that it may be replete with good instead of evil? And another thing, If we expect evil we will not endeavor to obtain good. It detracts from today and curtails the labor that if wrought now may avert the troubles of tomor row.

Trouble, when It does come, should be borne with fortitude. Thus it loses half Its sting and melts Into joy. Loss Is a great affliction, but do we know surely that our loss is not a form of gain? Out of the seeming evil may come the desired good. Our wishes are granted by strange routes oftimes—routes that we avoid with terror, for the beginning seems rough and lonely. A little way and the road is a paradise of peace, the peace that we thought lay in the dear wishes of our hearts and in our supposed joys, but which in truth is often found in the troubles of life.

The Vast Earnings of Fishermen. There were 3, "fares" smack lo , brought to Boston. Of these, came from the eastern banks. At Gloucester 3. For the sake of comparison, it may be wort. This does not include the run of shad, or any fish brought directly to New York City and other ports south; nor aoes it include the quantities taken in local waters and consumed in the villages and smallei cities.

Neither does it include the shellfish. T Why Women Study Law. Theodore 8utro in Success. HE Btudy of law is to a woman a means of culture, Unking alt the special raining of her education and experience, and teaching her to see unsuspected and beautiful relation and harmony in the most alien phases of mental, spiritual, and material life. This understanding only comes after her course in law is completed, and Is seldom a conscious reason for undertaking her work.

However, I believe that a blind intuition of all this is at the back of tbe Impulse to know jurisprudence. It is difficult, therefore, to make this great value comprehensible to a layman, and to inspire him, a priori, with an understanding which, by its very nature, comes only from experience in the actual Hold. Still a woman who has, as a personal possession, skill in any art or science, will see what this value 1 b of which I write.

Hot lonely women in Caura

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