I need someone to look up to

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People who live intentional lives understand an important truth: They are not the first. Countless others have gone before and lived this life well—many, in fact, surround us everyday. Those who make the most of this life intentionally seek out others to learn from. They embrace humility. Reject prideful arrogance. Quickly admit that they do not have all the answers. And look to others for guidance, example, and motivation. When we find someone to look up to and admire, we are challenged, encouraged, and enlightened. We find a defense against harmful or trivial distractions.

We are emboldened in our worthy pursuits. And we are better equipped to accomplish them. Sometimes we choose our mentors, sometimes they choose us. The important thing is to be observant, searching for opportunities to learn from others. Find another human being with qualities you respect to speak into your life.

And take no relationship for granted. Sometimes the relationship is formal, sometimes it is informal. Conversely, I just completed a year-long mentorship program with two gentlemen in my neighborhood. Together, these informal and formal mentors have shaped my life in ificant ways.

Sometimes these mentors are professional, sometimes they are personal. We are human beings made up of many complex pursuits. We pursue influence in the world, in our families, and in our ourselves. Finding successful people in each field is a worthy endeavor. Do not pursue one at the neglect of the other. Those who accomplish the most have done so with humility in their heart. Attempting to navigate this life without mentors speaking into our lives is a dangerous path.

The blame rests squarely on our shoulders. Pride comes before a fall. And it will always prevent us from reaching our full potential in work and life. Follow on Twitter Like on Facebook. You know, the thing is… to not be jealous of others gains even when you are suffering.

To be proud of their accomplishments and to see the need in your own life, and set goals to achieve it for yourself. Someone famous once said, the day we think we have nothing left to learn is the day we stop growing as humanity. That is SO true. We have so much to learn, and rather than envying people, we should emulate those who seem to have more.

And they always seem to come into my life at just the right time. God has given me the best mentors in the world, but as you receive then good to give back out, i don,t know what i would have done without their love,support and humour, don,t ever right older ladies off they have a wealth of fun to offer, and true wisdom, and the best sister in the world too, made up for all the hardships and sorrows that we have to endure. I have been fortunate to come across various people in my life who have either intentionally or unknowingly held the role of mentor.

One thing I have found that has helped both mentor and mentee is to thank the mentor very specifically when you find a gem of knowledge they drop. A sincere expression of gatitude seems to give the mentor further courage to expose their wisdom and the mentee has to bring the light bulb moment into reflection as a feeling, a need and a change. Saying words out loud can have a huge effect. I see the comments on here are mostly women, with women mentors. Women who lose their spouse usually have some kind of community or social group.

Back to mentoring… the best I seem to be able to do is to mentor in little bursts. I might receive some great advice here and there… and have gotten more comfortable dishing it out to others. My dad was involved in his church, his community, his neighborhood for almost 60 years. He touched a lot of lives. I was in awe of the stories told to me at his funeral of what a giving man he was. My mother, was the loner and rarely left the house.

There certainly is a stereotype of women generally being more social than men. I also think that as a much more mobile society that we rarely stay in a neighborhood or community long enough to form those lasting relationships. You could always form your own Meetup! This is so true! We always must look up to someone who can teach us. But of course, if we take a moment and observe people around us, everyone can be a great teacher. Thank you for sharing this.

Mentorship is most certainly a gift of grace and a source of hope! I was extremely fortunate to have a 3 woman cheering section when I was very young. Living in a volatile home, I sought out other older woman role models as young as the age of 5.

These 3 women were astoundingly generous to me, sharing their time, their praise, affection, and opened their homes to me any time of day or night. I hate to think what my life would have been without them. I learned enjoyment and laughter and acceptance of loss from one. Another was like Maya Angelou in her bearing and religious wisdom. It is said, that you do not have to search for a mentor — the mentor will come to you replace mentor with guru. I find with the amazing knowledge on the internet, and the library, I find mentors everywhere. I learn from everything I read on the blogs I frequent and the books that I find in my library.

But like you said, you can truly learn from everyone. Everyone has a lesson to bestow upon you — that is the reason they are in your life. Until you learn the lesson you are supposed to learn, they will keep on bestowing that lesson onto you. Have you ever heard we pick our parents before we are born so they will teach us the lessons we need to learn to progress on our karmic cycle?

From the simplest to some of my biggest fear types of things! You are so right! We need to all remind ourselves of this! Thank you for sharing your thoughts …it really got me thinking and I am now more activity looking for a mentor.. Beautiful words. My mentor recently found me and we have been meeting every Friday at lunch to talk about our relationships, our personal growth, our marriages and our goals.

We text each other in the morning with a daily challenge and inspire each other to reach our goals. Thank you, Joshua. I never thought about this before. I would say I have two mentors. Two women who I admire very much. One is a close friend and one I never met but follow her blog. Their main focus is family. They have both lived laughter filled lives, rejoicing in the everyday of home and hearth.

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I need someone to look up to

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We All Need Someone to Look Up To