I want to go out to dinner

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Category: Boulder Blog. The Covid pandemic has thrown a wrench in a lot of things. What's been inspiring to watch is the innovative and creative ways the restaurant community is adapting. However, this past year has prompted both restaurants and diners like me to break out of our comfort zones by eating outsideā€¦ inside! Pasta Jay's , bartaco , and Jax Fish House are a few of the many downtown restaurants that have tents outside with tables underneath them to offer a pandemic-safe, warm, outdoor-indoor dining experience.

You get to enjoy the beautiful sights of downtown Boulder in the winter while eating the delicious food you crave and keeping warm! What could be better? On warmer days, hop over to Hapa Sushi or Japango if you are looking to dine al fresco aka without a tent.

Personally, I feel that pod dining is a super cool alternative to dining indoors. Pod dining offers each table an individual enclosed space outside. To me, it feels like it fosters a sense of individuality and makes you feel extra special as a customer. It is almost like having a room to yourself in a restaurant, except it is outside! Frasca has unique yurts to dine in, and right next door Pizzeria Locale has adorable wooden pods with degree windows to look out of while you dine. This year has made me realize I need to stop spending time waiting to do things, and to just do them! So if you are ready to get out and explore some restaurants safely, do it today instead of tomorrow.

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I want to go out to dinner

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