Iso single mother

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Drag all your board games out of the cupboard and work through them one at a time. Set up the tent in the lounge room and spend a night camping. Let the kids play dress ups in your wardrobe. Have a paper plane competition — try your hand at making different models. Listen to kid-friendly podcasts. Work on a family jigsaw puzzle. Put on an Open Mike Night — sing, recite poetry, put on a comedy routine. Bake something yummy young kids or something exotic teenagers. Outdoors Egg and spoon races — fun and messy!

Create a scavenger hunt. Go for a picnic in the backyard. Build an obstacle course. Put on a front yard play or musical performance for your neighbours and passers by. Star gaze — rug up, take a blanket and pillow outside and see how many of the stars you can name. Go for a bike ride. Plant a herb garden. For the crafty Make your own snow dome. Make your own French knitting machine and learn how to knit. Learn and have fun creating science experiments. Create your own bath bombs. Make your own paper lanterns and decorate the house.

Build a massive marble run that runs through the whole house. Try your hand at easy origami for kids. Cut up some old clothes and make new clothes for your dolls. Create cellophane stain glass windows. Take an online coding workshop. For the active Jaime from Cosmic Kids as she takes you through a yoga class.

Just Dance has a free online dance class for kids on YouTube. Creative dance classes for young children. Older kids can experience the aerobics fitness craze of the s with free Aerobics Oz Style workouts! In the community Get out your sidewalk chalk and draw a picture or write an encouraging message for other kids who walk past your house. Find a Spoonville town in your community, or start your own. Make cookies and leave them on the doorstep of a house where you know other kids live.

a bear hunt! Kids all across Victoria are putting teddy bears in their windows, which kids look for as they walk around the neighbourhood. Equal Pay Day take action! Need Support? Follow Us. Up Here.

Iso single mother

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A new way to manage loneliness as a single parent