Looking for a strong dominant lady

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Women love their men to be powerful and dominant. Even though there's been a trend away from the alpha male of the s and s, most women prefer strong men. While most men look for good looks and good bodies, women need reliable, independent and strong-minded men. They look for men who take charge. Psychologist Asiphe Ndlela, who is based in Illovo, Johannesburg, says girls are subconsciously hard-wired to respond sexually to men with higher values than themselves and also to men with higher values than other men in their circles.

In the bedroom, inequality beats equality," Ndlela says. She says women can spot a man who lacks dominance miles away, and adds that almost every quality of a dominant male trigger arousal in the female brain. These include dominant scents, dominant gaits, deep voices, height, swagger, bravado and displaying wealth. When she is with a guy who is not dominant, she feels he is just another girl.

Ndlela says most women have submission fantasies and immensely popular submission themes on television are not helpful. She says most heterosexual women are wired to find sexual submission arousing, but this is not the case in human beings or in most female mammals.

Ndlela says he is ambitious, a doer, comfortable in his own skin, confident and he exudes power. But one should never seek other people's approval on how to behave in a social situation and never to be concerned what others think of you, she says. To attract women, stand with your feet six to ten inches apart and your toes pointing outward," Ndlela says. She explains that some men who are dominated by their partners may have experienced abuse in childhood.

For these men, says Ndlela, a dominant woman is a relief from having to make decisions, asserting authority and initiating new ideas. They don't mind a woman taking charge. In fact, they love it. They look for women who will "wear the trousers" in the home. Ndlela says these men are attracted to strong and confident women, who likewise enjoy holding the reins.

Would you like to comment on this article or view other readers' comments? Register in. Good Life. Women are hard-wired to want dominant men. Ndlela says human beings are by nature not attracted to someone who conveys powerlessness. What characteristics does a dominant man have? She says in every woman is a deep-rooted instinct that prompts her to gravitate to such males.

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Looking for a strong dominant lady

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