Looking for female fun friendship

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As people age, the search for friendship turns into a desire for quality versus quantity, but in a world full of fast and casual interactions how do you find female friends who lift you up? We spoke to life coach Pam Bauer and psychologist Harriet Lerner about strategies women can use to make their relationships with female friends more uplifting and how to judge when a friendship is no longer working.

What women look for in friends tends to change throughout their lives. A woman in college may want fun, popular girlfriends, but later crave closer friendships. Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts. She said women should start by taking inventory of the people in their life and what sort of effect those relationships have. Those are people who are probably not going to be very good at lifting you up. If a friend evokes bad feelings, leaves us feeling smaller or less worthy, or is simply more 'high maintenance' than we have the tolerance for, it may be time to disband — or at least take a lot more distance.

Can you be who you are, and not have to leave an important part of yourself at home? When you connect with this person, do you leave feeling more empowered, zestful, capable and enlivened — or the opposite? Is the friendship good for you? Likewise, Bauer said people know in their gut if a relationship is negative or positive. She refers to it as a shackles off or on scenario. If you want to be friends with women who lift you up, you have to fulfill that role for others as well.

Bauer said you have to take a hard look at yourself and ask how you are behaving in your relationships with other women. Acting like Regina George from Mean Girls? Cut it out. If you aren't acting the way you want a friend to act, ask yourself if you are open to being vulnerable and authentic with other women. Facebook Twitter . How to find female friends who lift you up. Stress over the long term could make you fat. Why there's nothing fake about Facebook friendship.

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Looking for female fun friendship

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