Looking for lover and bestfriend

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Popular culture is littered with examples of great love blossoming from platonic beginnings. I t was supposed to go the way things do in the movies. Nora would tell her best friend that she loved him, he would feel the same way and then they would kiss — preferably in the rain. So when the year-old arts manager declared her love for her best friend when they were still teenagers, she expected a happy ending. Humiliated, Nora began to cry. What is the best way to tell a friend you are in love with them? Sit with your feelings for a while, advises Simone Bose, a relationship therapist at Relate.

Does it sometimes feel like boundaries are crossed? Nora wishes she had read the s. Keith, who is 61 and from Bristol, has loved a close friend for more than a decade, during which time he has even put her in his will — but has decided against telling her. Miles became my friend and dance partner for eight years. But, to him, I was just a pair of skates on legs. One day, our mutual friend Noel told me I ought to marry Miles. I said that he would be perfect, but he never saw me that way.

Luckily for me, Noel had said the same thing to Miles — and Miles then started to court me. If you are unsure whether your best friend may have feelings for you, Bose has a simple solution. When year-old publicist Asher Alexander, from Barnet, asked his best friend, Rae, to the cinema, he thought it was clear he was asking her on a date. But his intentions were lost on her. Happily, she softened over time; six years later, they are getting married. But as it neared, Keira started having doubts. Alex, 27, who works in the fashion industry, fell in love with his best friend.

They bonded over everything — their childhoods, values and favourite photographers. Because his friend is straight. Eventually, Alex had to take a step back from the friendship because it became too painful. He knows he made the right choice. He used to say I was like his soulmate, or brother — like a soul brother. Be mindful of how you transition from a physical relationship to a sexual one. For year-old copywriter Tom, who has been in a relationship with his best friend for two years, it came easily. When things go right, falling in love with your best friend can be magical.

The downside? In a word: communicate. She discovered her love for her best friend like they do in the movies — by kissing him in the rain. It was less cinematic than it sounds: they were drunk, waiting for a night bus and standing beside some bins. After three years of dating, they broke up in I can talk to him about anything at any time.

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Looking for lover and bestfriend

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I Don’t Want A Lover, I Want A Best Friend