Menomonie swap and talk

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While they all have different jobs, they have one thing in common-they are family. Combined, they have worked here for 65 years and 4 months. Stacey recently encouraged Jenna to apply 4 months ago to become an Activity Assistant. There are many aspects of working at the facility that they like. These women also love getting to work together. They may not see each other every day but it is comforting knowing that they are right down the hall from one another.

Watching her interact with the residents is so incredible. What keeps their family here? The general consensus is the welcoming environment and a passion for working with the elderly. It feels like family. The flexibility of working for a hometown organization also plays a role. The family tradition continues on as Kayla, another granddaughter, also comes to the Care Center with the Cardinal Kids program through the Spring Valley School District and gets to spend time with residents.

This family shows no s of slowing their passion for caring for others and their dedication to the residents truly shows. Thank you Peggy, Stacey, and Jenna for being great employees! Three Generations Hard at Work.

Menomonie swap and talk

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