Need a free place to live

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This is the year to live the dream: Quit your day job and move to a foreign country where it costs so little you might never have to work another day in your life. In , and , I provided plenty of temptation by examining the cheapest places to live around the globe.

And if you want to read the report on the nine best places to move this year, you can see it here. Enjoying the view from the steps leading to the coastal village of Azenhas do Mar in Portugal. Annually, the International Living editors refine their methodology. The Climate category, for instance, now favors places that offer a variety of options. Another change is in the Cost of Living category. The winner for the best place to live in is Portugal.

When you add to that the kindness and gentility of the Portuguese people, it is a winning combination. Want an urban lifestyle? Check out Lisbon—the oldest city in Western Europe—or Porto, the second largest metropolitan area.

British and other European expats have been settling in the Algarve for years. Another find: Coimbra , a lively university town. Why: Panama is warm and tropical. The currency is the U. The tax burden is low. It lies completely outside the hurricane belt. High-speed internet and cell coverage are remarkable, as is the power, air and water quality. Panama City is home to active, vibrant communities from all over the world, and every art form is celebrated here.

Where To Move: Panama is about the size of South Carolina and has mountains, beaches and cities within an easy striking distance—no matter where you go. Most people are attracted to the cosmopolitan capital, Panama City , but the well-maintained Pan-American Highway runs the length of the country, making it easy to get around. An hour from Panama City is Coronado , where many Panamanians have beach homes. El Valle is a quiet enclave about a two-hour drive from Panama City known for its ocean beaches and small-town appeal. Leave Panama City and costs are even more affordable.

Another advantage to Panama: zero income tax if you earn revenue in other countries. Costa Rica also has the enviable luxury of peace and stability—unusual for many countries in the region. This year, the country celebrates 71 years since the abolishment of the army, making it the largest democracy without a military force. Choose from rainforests, seaside villages and mountain towns. Guanacaste is known for its dry, hot beaches.

Around the pristine Lake Arenal , expats live in the hills with lake views. Why: Life is simple in Mexico. Popular spots include the Lake Chapala area and San Miguel de Allende , which are brimming with expats who can make a newcomer feel welcome. The Cost: Things are much cheaper here than in the United States. Getting a retirement visa to live in Colombia is also quite easy.

View of the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, with its many churches and rooftops. Lush, green hills and fertile valleys are the norm. There are beaches that are warm but rarely muggy and no hurricanes or tropical storms. There are temperate climates in the Andes where you do not need a heating or cooling system.

The Cost: Ecuador is good for your pocket. Since the land produces excellent food, mostly with year-round growing seasons, prices at local mercados are low. Why: Malaysia—a popular expat destination since the late s—is known for its idyllic beaches, seductive islands and some of the most pristine ancient rainforests in Southeast Asia. Expats can own property freehold, there is no inheritance tax and Malaysia places no tax on income earned overseas. He and his wife, Lisa, moved to Penang in early And the other attractive thing for us is the outdoor lifestyle.

Why: Spain has the highest living standards—and for a lot less than in the U. In my experience, Spanish people are friendly, helpful and curious about other cultures. Where: Spain has a surprising range of climates: hot and dry in the south and cool and mild in the north. Navarre, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and the Basque country have forests, mountains, stunning coastline and food to die for. Michele Cohen believes she struck lifestyle gold when she moved to Girona with her husband, Stanton. The Cost: Spain has one of the lowest costs of living in Western Europe. Rent is cheaper than the U.

Because of the warm climate, many basic food items are inexpensive in Spain, as well. If you prefer a cooler climate, look to charming Normandy , just two hours from Paris. In , Carol Jean Lonsdale swapped a fast-paced life in the U. The Cost: One of the best things about living in France is the excellent healthcare system: Universal coverage is guaranteed to all residents expat and otherwise after three months, and healthcare prices are rock bottom.

How much you spend on living costs in France depends on your lifestyle: Opting for the highlife in Paris will make a larger hole in your budget than living in a quiet corner such as the Charentes or the Auvergne. Why: Modern cities, ancient historic sites, uncrowded beaches, some of the most welcoming people in the world and one of the strongest economies in Asia—this is Vietnam. In this column, "Transformative Travel," I look at. In this column, "Transformative Travel," I look at how travel can change women's lives. I profile the doers and the disrupters and cover the trends and the destinations that appeal to women today.

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Need a free place to live

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