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Altus Suite is a multi-part assessment that evaluates applicants for people skills in a fair and reliable way, while giving applicants multiple opportunities to showcase their unique personal and professional strengths. Altus Suite is comprised of:. Together, these standardized selection tools paint a more complete picture of who you are so that programs consider more than just your grades.

Programs are looking to make sure that students are not only academically capable but also possess suitable personal and professional qualities that make them more likely to succeed on the job. Each part of Altus Suite focuses on specific personal and professional attributes to paint a more complete picture of who you are.

Altus Suite gives you multiple opportunities to showcase your people skills, while programs benefit from using this information at multiple points throughout their processes to make informed decisions. Paramedics, applicants to programs in the UK, and applicants to Canadian post-graduate medical programs are only taking Casper at this time.

Applicants to US medical schools and graduate medical programs are recommended to complete all three parts Casper, Snapshot, and Duet , while all other programs are recommended to complete both Casper and Snapshot. Our recommendation is to complete all parts of Altus Suite within 14 days of taking the Casper test. This will ensure that all components of your Altus Suite are available together to be considered by your program s , if they are an admissions requirement as per the program website s.

While you have to take the Casper test at a specific time, Snapshot and Duet can be completed anytime after booking your Casper test. It is recommended that you complete Snapshot and Duet within 14 days of taking Casper. Should individual program requirements change, you will still be able to complete Snapshot and Duet at any time before your earliest program distribution deadline, as shown on the Dates and Fees .

Note that only applicants to US undergraduate and graduate medical programs can take Duet. You must take the Casper test on one of the dates indicated for the program s you wish to apply to, as shown on the Dates and Fees . All test dates and distribution deadlines are pre-arranged with academic programs and tests are processed as a group to ensure timely delivery of scores. Be sure to reserve your Casper test at least 3 days in advance of your desired test date to allow for identity verification and payment processing timelines.

Last-minute bookings are not recommended. If you require testing accommodations , you must submit all necessary forms and supporting documentation 3 weeks prior to the time of your scheduled test. Our recommendation is to complete all additional parts of Altus Suite, such as Snapshot and Duet, within 14 days of taking the Casper test.

Keep in mind that Casper scores are distributed approximately weeks after the test date. Important: Check the time zone carefully to ensure you have the correct date and time for your test. To avoid time zone scheduling issues, check the countdown timer on your test in your Altus Suite . Casper takes about minutes to complete, while Snapshot and Duet each take about minutes.

If a particular program has indicated that they will not be considering Snapshot or Duet, for applicants to US Medicine and GME programs for their admissions decisions, it is still recommended that you complete them within 14 days of taking Casper. Snapshot allows you to demonstrate your communication skills, motivation, and ability to self-reflect, giving programs a preview of who you are as an individual. Duet gives you a chance to highlight your application to programs where there is strong alignment between what you value in a program and what the program can offer to you. Snapshot and Duet are included in Altus Suite at no extra cost and do not require reservations.

Snapshot and Duet take approximately 10 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively, to complete. Each part of Altus Suite is evaluated differently, but together they aim to highlight different aspects of your personal and professional qualities. While you have to book a specific date to take the Casper test, you are only making one payment to take all applicable parts of Altus Suite. After completing the registration process for your Altus Suite , you will be able to reserve your Casper test and pay for the suite of assessments. All payments must be made with a valid credit card.

Debit cards are not accepted. Please ensure to provide the exact address, telephone and the billing address your credit card bank has on file for you. Since we are a Canadian company, some banks in other countries may block your payment in order to prevent fraud. If you reside outside of Canada, please contact your bank to ensure that your payment is authorized. Program Fee Waivers or coupons are used by a small subset of programs that have requested to absorb the assessment fee for their applicants.

Programs providing Program Fee Waivers will communicate this directly to their applicants via . Altus Assessments does not provide Program Fee Waiver codes to applicants. Codes are associated with applicant addresses and can only be used one time. All other distribution fees are the responsibility of the applicant.

All fees are non-refundable and only valid for the then-current admissions cycle. Applicants are strongly encouraged to reserve a test only once they are certain that they need to take it. Selecting an incorrect program, test language, or admissions cycle as well as having a change of mind, or no longer needing a test is not grounds for a refund. Altus Assessments Inc. Any claims of a quantitative improvement in scores from these third-party companies are not valid.

We do not offer any paid test prep or coaching services outside the practice sessions and scenarios available on your official Altus Suite user or on the takealtus. We strongly encourage all students and their parents or guardians to proceed with caution when reviewing the services offered by such third parties, as none of them have been verified nor are they supported by Altus Assessments.

We recommend you use the resources we have provided on the takealtus. We offer online support via our messaging system. To access this, click on the orange chat bubble located on the bottom right of your screen when on the website or in your Altus Suite . You can also support altus. Our support team typically replies within one business day.

For all Casper tests, our support team is available for live-chat via our online messaging system one hour before the start times and for the duration of the tests. Please note: We do not call applicants. If you receive a phone call from anyone claiming to be an Altus Assessments or Casper representative, please hang up and immediately. It is meant to be a way for programs to get a better sense of their applicant pool. For programs, this means not only selecting applicants with the highest potential for success, but also ensuring that they are selecting a diverse group of students to reflect the increasing diversity of the patient population.

Academic programs incorporate Casper in different ways to guide their admissions process. Most programs use Casper alongside other metrics like GPA and MCAT scores as a prescreening tool to decide who they would like to invite to the interview process. Some programs use Casper in a more impressionistic approach, to help facilitate decisions on candidates who are on the cusp of whether they are admitted to the program.

Some programs implement a conservative cut-off score for Casper to screen out applicants, while others take a closer look at candidates who have exceptionally high Casper scores. Please contact your academic program s for the most up to date information regarding the admission process, requirements, and deadlines. Casper is deed to measure personal and professional skills and situational judgment. So far, our research has shown that Casper predicts outcomes like medical licensure exam scores, remediation issues, and OSCE performance, and that Casper scores are a better predictor of these outcomes than traditional screening tools like GPA or standardized academic test scores e.

Our research team is currently engaged in a of ongoing studies looking at the predictive relationship between Casper and other in-program and in-practice personal and professional skills. Webcams are a strict requirement for your Casper test as part of our identity assertion and proctoring methods. Your webcam must be active, uncovered, and facing towards you throughout the duration of your test. During your Casper test, Altus may, at any time and from time to time, remotely monitor your access to the service to ensure compliance with the Terms of Use.

Please ensure you have access to a working computer with a webcam to use for your registration and test. You can reschedule a test at any point prior to the viewing of actual test content free of charge, so long as test times and dates are available for the same admissions cycle. You are also able to reschedule a test if you missed your scheduled test time, again, as long as you have not seen any Casper test content. These programs will have to be removed by a support person in order for you to reschedule your test.

You can contact our support team using the orange chat bubble located on your Altus Suite or takealtus. You can browse the final test dates for individual programs on the Dates and Fees . The Casper test takes approximately 90 minutes, which includes the introduction, about 75 minutes of questions, and an optional minute break at the halfway point after six sections. Please aim to log in to your Altus Suite approximately thirty minutes before your scheduled test time and ensure your computer, webcam, and internet connection are in working order for your test.

Altus Assessments does not use testing centers to administer the Casper test. You can take the online Casper test on a computer at a location of your choice. Since the test requires your full concentration, we strongly recommend that you take the test in a space that is free from distractions and noise. For tips on how to prepare for the Casper test, visit our test prep . We are unable to accommodate individual schedules. Each test instance uses unique content and a team is on hand to support test takers. When travelling, please arrange to have access to a computer, webcam, and reliable internet connection that passes the System Requirements Check found on your Casper .

You can browse program test dates on the Dates and Fees . Casper raters are trained to disregard spelling mistakes when evaluating responses. We strongly encourage you to focus on the content of your responses and to use all of the time provided to complete the questions in each answer section. Each section of the test is scored by a unique rater, making the Casper score a robust measure made up of many independent impressions of you. Raters are ased to a particular scenario from a Casper test and provided with relevant instructions and background knowledge about the topic at hand.

Once prepared, raters are served responses from one scenario and multiple different applicants to rate. Your responses are also completely anonymized, meaning they only receive your typed reply and are not provided with any personal information i. Raters are trained to disregard spelling mistakes when evaluating responses. Each rater completes a training session and accreditation before they are permitted to score Casper responses. It is up to the individual programs to determine how they will incorporate the Casper score into their application decisions, meaning every school may use the scores differently.

That means that the same Casper score may be competitive for one program but less competitive for another. The influence of the score also depends on the competitiveness of the applicant pool for each individual program. Further information on the program-specific use of Casper scores may be available on the individual program websites.

Additionally, depersonalized anonymized data may be used for research purposes about a program s applicants, while strictly adhering to legal and ethical research standards. You should prepare for the Casper test by familiarizing yourself with the test format and technical requirements. The general literature suggests that situational judgment tests SJTs , like the Casper test, are relatively immune to test preparation i.

To view our blog post about how to maximize your chances of success when taking Casper, . A practice Casper test is available. To access this practice test, please log-in to your Altus Suite , go to Casper, and complete Step 1: System requirements check before proceeding to Step 2: Practice Casper. The test is composed of 12 sections 8 video-based scenarios and 4 word-based scenarios that are presented in a randomized order.

Each scenario is followed by an answer section set of 3 questions. You have 5 minutes to type your responses for each scenario before you are automatically directed to the next scenario. Please complete the system requirements check found on your Casper to ensure that everything is working properly. It is important to complete this check using the same computer, webcam, and internet connection that you intend to use on test day. This is to ensure that your webcam, browser and internet connection are adequate and working properly. Please note that webcams are a strict requirement for your Casper test as part of our identity assertion methods.

Please log-in to your Altus Suite approximately thirty minutes before your scheduled test time.

Needing a Altus

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