Not looking forward to the snow

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By subscribing I accept the terms of use and privacy policy. Jerusalem Post Israel News. Let it snow: Israel looking forward to 'storm of the season' next week Meteorologists stressed that it's still too early for any certainty, as the different models are still unclear and very fragile. Jerusalem may be at least sprinkled in white next week, as forecast models indicate that a cold wave and stormy weather is headed for the Holy Land starting on Tuesday night. We are seeing snow that could accumulate in places like Jerusalem and Metula and not just in the Golan Heights.

We're all just waiting for it, especially with the slightly disappointing winter that has been until now. To get the icing on the cake would be amazing. Meteorologist forums expressed excitement at the possibility of winter weather, with many expressing hope that next week would bring snow to Jerusalem and the mountainous regions of the country. Throughout Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, the rain is expected to be mixed with snow in a of locations around Israel, according to the IMS.

Meteorologists stressed, however, that it's still too early for any certainty, as the different models are still unclear and very fragile. According to 02WS -Jerusalem Weather Station, an official forecast will only be possible on Sunday, but, as of Friday, it seems that the peak of the cold wave will arrive until Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, with rain beginning earlier. The stormy weather may also provide a boost to the already high water levels of the Kinneret , which as of Friday stood at The Water Authority is preparing for the possibility that it may need to fully open the Deganya Dam for the first time in 25 years as the Kinneret remains high after two years of especially rainy winters.

The opening of the dam will likely take place around April if the water level rises high enough. The dam was opened partially in , but has not been opened fully since It had been expected to be partially opened at the beginning of May last year in order to prevent flooding, according to the Kinneret Draining Authority. In April, the Water Authority decided to open a canal to divert five billion liters of water from the Kinneret to the southern Jordan River, with the goal of bypassing the Deganya Dam to avoid negatively affecting pumping stations in the area and the financial costs required to open the dam.

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Not looking forward to the snow

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