Not the typical woman

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Creole Kickin. ed May 4, Messages 26, Reactions 74, 1, Alleybux 57, Take a look at this IG yall What are your thoughts? Was this created by an LSA member?

ed Feb 24, Messages 1, Reactions 21, Alleybux 66, Sounds just like everything most fonts spout here on LSA. As with most romantic advice out there that disregards "political correctness" and promotes the perpetuation of old-school gender roles, it is IMO mostly correct, with some qualifications: one being that there are some men out there who are evolved enough to not care which one of you does the chasing which is the kind of man I would prefer, I think. TL; DR: Almost nothing in dating is black and white. Men are not a monolith.

ed Oct 4, Messages 6, Reactions 59, 1, 1, Alleybux 98, What in pick me hell? Pretzel Logic. ed Aug 26, Messages 6, Reactions 61, 1, Alleybux , I think some women will be turned off by the emphasis on women being feminine. Blah blah blah. There is info on there that someone need to hear cause Romance alley is full of stories of women who did the FWB, lent money, was a side piece, etc.

ed Apr 18, Messages 3, Reactions 27, Alleybux , When I read the title I wasnt sure what I was hoping for but unfortunately it is more information for how women can get a man. Very typical. Nothing new. You want to actually be different? Stop letting your world revolve around what men think of you. Stop letting society make you believe getting a man is the most important thing in life.

ed Aug 6, Messages 1, Reactions 11, 81 36 Alleybux , Their advice is solid and common. The is run by black people because all of their relationship examples feature black celebrities. It's not a pick me . This is about getting the BEST treatment from a man.

Don't have sex for free. Don't get played. It's about being a high value woman, NOT a pick me. When they talk about masculinity and femininity, they are talking about the yin and the yang and having relationships where the couple compliments each other like two magnets attract , instead of competing against each other like two magnets that repel away from other other. Or two passive people who always "lean back", neither person takes the lead, and both are non-committing, that won't be successful either.

The encourages you to date only alpha, successful, mature, masculine men, who are responsible decision makers. But those men are looking for a certain type of woman. These men are natural leaders. These men are looking for someone to compliment him, not compete against him, dominate him, control him. They tell you to avoid those non-committed, lazy, irresponsible, fuckboys, broke men This is trying to teach women that you can be independent, but you can still let a man take care of you.

Date men that can help your career, or make your life easier. Do not date men who bring stress and drama. Do not pick men that will leave your life in shambles. Don't waste your youth, your beauty, and your womb on a man that isn't adding to your life. The book and share the same information. Last edited: Jan 13, ed Jul 14, Messages 25, Reactions , 5, 2, Alleybux 57, This person has chin hair and deep self loathing.

I want women to actually cultivate lives out side of men and male attention for themselves and their own enjoyment Fuck these games, just do you! Click to expand ed Feb 15, Messages 5, Reactions , 1, Alleybux , SmallWorldAfterAll said:. Idk about the first sentence but I definitely agree with the paragraph beneath it lol. ed Aug 8, Messages 1, Reactions 19, Alleybux , She claims to "empower" women but is obsessed over dictating whether certain activities are too "masculine" she even claims that men need sex, and women don't, and goes as far as to say women with sex drives are too masculine and must have been sexually abused.

If thatat the case then explain the huge market of sex toys for women? The clitoris is the only organ in the body used solely for sexual pleasure. She forgets that were human, not some weird hyper feminine Virgin Mary beings. ed Nov 13, Messages 1, Reactions 3, 53 48 Alleybux , Seems like typical dating advice to me. Not pick-me-ish at all. For women concerned with finding a quality man, this is great advice. Some women don't have these qualities naturally so it's a reference point in understanding how men operate.

I think we forget dating transcends from mating. There still is a primitive aspect to men seeking a women. While societal pressures gives some of the most unrealistic characteristics to the dating world, most men do look for femininity. It's a fact and not totally unfair. I don't see many women lined up and thirsting for effeminate-type men. Attraction is very real. The dynamic is real. I think the cool part is that, the man will recognize your traits. There will be something about how you carry your feminity that attracts. In essence, we shouldn't be overextending.

Not the typical woman

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Not Your Typical Woman-IG Thoughts?