Rocking Boston tonight

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Songkick to track Boston and get concert alerts when they play near you. View all past concerts. The release shot to No. The album shot to No. A national tour ensued throughout and , and in Boston released remastered versions of their first two albums. Band was great. Music in the Greek, unfortunately loses some of its power due to noise level restrictions. Not the best place to see them, but thoroughly enjoyed.

Dennis Deyoung and his band opened up and sounded great. The venue is more suited to them. Boston started the show as they usually do with "Rock and Roll Band" and then went though a few classics. When Gary Pihl was asking the audience if they wanted to hear new stuff or the classics, you can guess what the response was? Tom screwed it up. He always does a solo, but this time, appx 45 minutes. Even I, as a musician, got bored. He knows better. Looking around and standing in the middle of the venue, I could hear people talking among each other rather than listening to the music.

After 20 minutes, many people left. Too bad. Why leave when you have this tremendous talent on stage who you get to see work maybe a handful of times in your life? Well, It is Los Angeles. People do have other things to do??? When it was a little slow, go get a beer. Great finish. Tom Sholtz was flawless as usual. The new female singer, Beth Cohen, while talented, was less than impressive.

Overall a good night. . Report as inappropriate. Boston takes Cleveland by storm! I would not be surprised if most people in the audience first heard Boston on 8 track, but I was presently surprised at how many younger fans were in the audience. Clearly products of their parents' music endeavors or at least their back seat endeavors. No one, however, was disappointed on Tuesday night when Boston took Cleveland by storm, as the wicked storm off the lack also approached.

The rains came and didn't subside, nor did the band. The audience was wild for Boston, and they over-delivered. Whether you came from an age with this music in the late 70's or discovered the band much later, this is a great show with really enthusiastic performances by everyone on stage. Thank you Boston for a great show and certainly not letting the weather impact a second of your performance. Fantastic show. Band sounded great and it was overall a really good set list.

Always a joy to see Tom Scholz and he still sounds brilliant on guitar and keys. Everyone in his band delivered. My only suggestion would have been to alternate more classics near the last quarter of the set. They were classics heavy in the beginning of the set, but near the end there were several songs in a row from the more recent albums, and for most of the audience these were essentially unknown tunes.

Not saying they shouldn't play them, but just alternate one newer tune with a classic. The other bands - Rick Derringer and Don Felder sounded fantastic as well. The principal band members Tom Scholz, Felder, Derringer are all in their mid to late 60s and they're holding up really well. Felder's band is a few decades younger than him and they all nailed their parts. It was cool to see Brian Tichy on drums. Boston was awesome live. It's definitely been a while since their hits have come out, but they still rock. And the current drummer, Jeff Neal, is phenomenal. Worth the price of admission just to see him thrash.

While the jettison from Boston and subsequent death of Brad Delp , the former lead singer and voice of Boston, caused a major shift in what the band represents, I would say their sound is still comparable to what we've come to know and love from them. So if you're looking for new stuff, I'd say you should pass on seeing a band like this. But if you like the oldies but goodies scene, this is a concert for you. Massachusetts rock outfit Boston, named after their place of origin achieved huge success in the 70's and 80's in both the States and the UK.

Having formed nearly 40 years ago, the veteran rockers still delight audience with shows made up heavily of material from their first three successful albums. Lead singer Tom Scholz thanks the audience and explains it is their dedication that keeps the band touring globally and playing their classic music.

A combination of brilliant instrumentals and infectious stage persona makes Boston an even greater appreciated live act as they command a stage with ease. Big cheers come for hits such as 'Amanda' and 'Don't Look Back', yet the veteran rockers keeps the audience enthusiastic throughout the entirety of their career spanning show.

Boston is one of my all-time favorite bands so getting to see them in concert was a dream come through for me. They did not disappoint! Their performance was amazing: the lead singer is excellent, their sound was almost identical to the albums, and their instrumentals were incredible. I wasn't sure how I'd like the new band members, but they were excellent.

The show started out great! Joan Jett was amazing! Boston started out with a bang until they started playing a lot of slow songs in the middle. Their show was slightly under-tempo for me. The encore was good, though. That got everyone back on their feet and singing. Ive seen worse, but ive seen better. The show was amazing.

These guys make it look effortless even down some original members. I highly recommend their tour to small and big fans alike. The set list will be a walk down memory lane and demonstrate the continued staying power of their music for more tham 30 years. Boston was as crisp as ever. Awesome concert, played a mixture of new and old. The lead singer, Tommy Decarlo is every bit as good as Brad Delp, and I am a real critic when it comes to changing lead singers. They sound as good as their studio CD's. Great job by all!

What a great concert.. What incredible musical talent And the le voice is exactly the same Good rock and roll that takes you right back to the 70' and 80's.. Traveled to Atlanta for this concert Totally worth it And they are still all totally Hot!! See all videos 1. See all photos See all posters Want to see Boston in concert? Songkick is the first to know of new tour announcements and concert information, so if your favorite artists are not currently on tour, Songkick to track Boston and get concert alerts when they play near you, like other Boston fans.

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Rocking Boston tonight

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