Sex broken arm

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Finding the best sex position in the summer can be difficult, but let's be real, you're probably feeling pretty ready for it. It's not just you; warm weather makes us all horny AF. So you're wanting to get down and dirty, but here's the problem: Summer sex is also the worst. Unless you love being so sweaty that you fall right off the bed and each other and can put up with the fact that everyone's feet smell like angry cheese when they come out of those horrible old ballet flats. I'm sorry, but it can't just be my feet. It's time to get creative about how you get down, because it is possible.

You just need to stick to the positions that will let you have a great time, but still stay cool — even when the AC is broken. How To Do It: While you're on your hands and knees, have your partner kneel behind you, in between your legs. Then you can experiment — don't forget to use the spare hand for clit play. Why It's Summer AF: If you want an intense position without having to feel like you're sweating all over each other, this is it.

Doggy is always a deep, animalistic position, but you won't feel too hot or sticky. How To Do It: Start in missionary, but then have your partner sit back on their knees while you rest one leg on their shoulder. They should then sit up a bit onto their knees, guiding themselves inside of you — lube should help. Why It's Summer AF: This position is perfect for eye contact, so it still feels really intimate, but without too much skin-on-skin contact, so no worries about slipping and sliding. How To Do It: While one of you leans back onto your elbows, the other should kneel between your legs — you'll both be really comfortable.

Then you can use fingering, toys, or go straight for cunnilingus. Why It's Summer AF: It's the perfect position for access, so you can make sure you're giving your partner exactly what they need. You also get an amazing view and eye contact, so you'll both feel in the moment.

How To Do It: Straddle your partner facing their feet, then try bouncing and grinding until you get the right angle. When you feel it, you'll know. Why It's Summer AF: This position has some amazing woman on top action so you can get exactly what you need. But it's a position about really going for it, so you won't be too up close and personal on a sweaty day. How To Do It: With your feet flat on the bed, slowly thrust your hips up into the air — as you do this, your partner should slowly rise up onto their knees.

It may take a second to get the angle right, but then you just need to focus on holding it. But you make up for it with an amazing view, eye contact, and deep penetration. How To Do It: This one is really straightforward. One of you lays back, while the other straddles your face. Either of you can control the height and pressure, but either way, it's really sexy. Perfect for lesbians but it works for straight couples too, you have great access for clit play , fingering, or toys — so you can get down to business.

How To Do It: Lean against a wall for this one — or at least have one ready. While your partner stands with their feet slightly apart, you should lift one leg and hook it over your partner's hip while you guide them inside you. It's a tight fit, so give it a few tries and don't be shy with the lube. But standing up means you're not getting all sweaty in the sheets — and you'll feel like total experts when you get the hang of sex standing up.

Just because it's hot out doesn't mean you need to skip your sex sesh if you're in the mood. Enjoy yourselves with positions that are intimate and sexy without getting sweaty. Well, too sweaty, at least. By Lea Rose Emery.

Sex broken arm

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