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By Lesley Goldberg. Jessica Capshaw will return to the ABC medical drama Thursday, marking her first season 13 scene since Arizona was offscreen visiting New York and helping her daughter, Sofia, get settled with ex-wife Callie Sara Ramirez and girlfriend Penny Samantha Sloyan , who both moved across the country. Did you hear from her before or since she announced her departure? It was a surprise. We all read her statement and it seemed like you could understand where she was coming from. She was moving on but in what seemed like a grateful way, which was nice.

I think the relationship between Callie and Arizona was so hard-won and so magical — from their courtship to their marriage, and the accident and things that came and children and divorce — they very much earned the spot that they were in at the end of last season.

That now Arizona can be in this world and freed up to have new relationships and new beginnings and people can champion that. Certainly, things have progressed and moved on and we now are in a space where I would very much hope we have all the opportunity in the world to make great stories for all the people who loved those characters together. That would be too sad. With Callie in New York and everyone happy and settled there, how will we see Arizona start to put herself first this season?

In this interim period, there was so much of Arizona throwing herself into work. Arizona is getting a new love interest. What will her dating journey look like this season? Or maybe it will be! It was the light and excited beat music that played under all their scenes. Is this someone in the medical field? I have a feeling it will be very nice for them to have that quid pro quo and lively exchange and banter.

It would help if there was a heat to it. Why would you do it otherwise?! There was empathy, camaraderie and compassion with her roommate, Andrew. At the same time, she has a deep relationship with Alex, as a mentor, friend and confidant. Arizona is very connected to the empathy she had for Andrew and him being new and not having his people in place yet. Will she get stuck in the middle at all between her two main people?

She will be there for him through that. Last year with the chief [James Pickens Jr. What are you looking forward to seeing from Arizona this season? Sound off in the comments section below. Bureau Exclusive View All. October 4, pm. Logo text. Related Stories. All Rights reserved. Close the menu Logo text.

Sex dating in Capshaw

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