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To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. This guidance reflects the changing ways in which services for children are being delivered, the increasing demand for solo and specialised placements, and the need for more flexible and responsive provision for children.

You can accommodate up to 6 children in up to 4 buildings within this one single registration. It might mean that you are more able to offer a place to who needs somewhere to live quickly or who cannot easily live with other children immediately. Individual children need stability about where they sleep, eat, rest and play.

It should always be made clear to the child and the placing authority which building the child will live in, and this should be recorded on their care plan. We expect that you will agree with the placing authority the specific address building where will live, and that this is their permanent home. It is up to you, in agreement with the placing authority, to decide where each child lives. Not all the buildings need to be in use all the time. However, you do need to satisfy Ofsted that you have appropriate plans in place to staff buildings fully.

Those staff must be recruited safely and be able to meet the regulations. This must also be the case when staff are recruited quickly or in an emergency. The addresses of all the buildings will be stated on the certificate. As a provider, it is for you to decide the location of each building. Your location assessment must take of this. As part of the application, the manager must demonstrate to us how they will manage the home effectively, considering the geographical spread of the buildings that make up the registration. The buildings must all comply with the relevant requirements.

We will assess this during the application process. The building addresses are fixed at the point of registration and cannot be changed once registration is granted. To make these kinds of changes, you would need to apply to register them as a new home. The current legislative framework does not allow these changes to an existing registration. You must ensure that each building that makes up the application has all of the required information see guidance on what to provide when you apply.

For example, each will need appropriate information about planning permission, fire risk assessments, and insurance. We will check that each building that makes up the home is a safe and homely place for children to live.

The statement of purpose must, as with any registration, specify how the home will operate and the overall vision for the home. It is for you to determine the configuration of each building but you must state the maximum of children who will live in each.

We expect that children will see one building as their home, and have stability and consistency in both their relationships with staff and in their accommodation. We do not expect that children will be moved, without good reason, between each building. We will then arrange for you to have a voluntary pre-application conversation with an inspector. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your plans and ideas. The inspector will not be able to confirm at this point whether your application will be successful nor advise you on the suitability of any building, manager or staff.

They will be able to explain the process, tell you whether the proposals fit with this guidance and ensure that you have taken of everything needed in your application. When considering the registration, the inspector will visit each building to assess their suitability. We will tell you if we consider that one or more buildings are unsuitable, or if we determine that the distance between some of the buildings is too far for them to be managed effectively. This will help you to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

You must appoint a responsible individual see guidance on the responsible individual , unless you are a sole trader or partnership. This will include explaining how they will use effective monitoring systems, set up deputising arrangements, manage admissions and be able to respond to emergency admissions quickly if needed. The Department for Education has agreed to review the fees for multi-building registrations and their annual fees from April , which may then rise from April This is the usual fee for a home with more than 3 places. This is in line with our existing fees.

This means that shortfalls in care for children in one building would affect the overall inspection and may affect the inspection judgement. Should we need to take enforcement action, this is likely to be against the whole registration even if the problem was in only one of the buildings. This means that if we have serious concerns about practice in one building, this may lead to the suspension or cancellation of the entire registration.

However, we will always take a proportionate view. There may be situations where it is more appropriate to impose an urgent condition to limit the use of one or more building or to impose a restriction on the of children who can live at the home. The inspector will discuss your plans for this appointment during your registration visit. Once you are registered, they must start their visits within the first month. They must visit each building to ensure that they have a good understanding of the experience of all children living in the home, irrespective of which building they are in, and to check that buildings not in use at the time of the visit remain fit for purpose.

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Some day i will meet you

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