Tired of being alone looking for love

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By: er madx. Frustrated by your inability to attract a healthy relationship? And plain tired of being alone? Recognising the issue might stem from you is a powerful first step. But the issues below will also be the same ones making relating with colleagues, friends, and family hard, too. So keep reading. If you want a good relationship but have never really seen one up close and in action, then how would you recognise it if it was standing right in front of you?

These hidden beliefs you mistake for fact will be buried in your unconscious but driving all your decisions and behaviours. By: kedoink kedondeng. For example, if you grew up with one parent controlling and threatening the other, you will have the core belief that love is unsafe. Even if a partner is not physically violent, they might constantly criticise you, or refuse you any real emotional support. If you had a parent or guardian who could not offer you such a stable platform to grow within, either as they were mentally unwell or unwilling to be a parent, then you will grow into an adult with issues in relating to others read our piece on attachment and relationships to understand this more.

If deep down you are terrified of loving and being loved, then no matter how wonderful another person is your fear of intimacy will see you sabotaging the relationship. And yet you are probably tired of being alone. Studies show again and again that we are really pack animals — we thrive when connected and suffer when not, via loneliness , depression , and even early death. But if you are unable to attract and maintain healthy relationships and there was any turmoil in your past then you are likely kidding yourself.

By: Lauren Hammond. The idea that we have to be entirely confident and full of self-love to be in a healthy relationship is just not true. The point of relationships is to learn and grow together, not be perfect together. But it is true that low self-esteem that is consistent, pervasive, and stems from difficult life experiences does leave most people unable to be accepting of love and care.

If you grew up in an environment that taught you that that you have to be certain things to be loved good, well-behaved, smart, tidy, quiet, etc then you will most likely be an adult who chooses their behaviours on how others react instead of on who they themselves are. You will be a codependent people pleaser , and you will lack personal boundaries and be unable to say no to others.

How does this block good relationships? Lacking a sense of identity will also make you unreliable, needy, and anxious — not exactly what most people are looking for in a partner, unfortunately. They require bravely delving into all that you are and not giving up on the process of inner growth. You must commit to the path of healing — but if you do, you can and will see . Starting with self-help books and research is helpful. But the path forward is faster if you seek support. This can be in the form of a coach or a counsellor or psychotherapist who deals with intimacy issues and relationship difficulties.

They can create a safe space for you to recognise what needs to be resolved and what you truly desire for yourself moving forward. And they can keep you on track with taking action steps toward finally being loved and loving. Harley Therapy connects you to qualified and friendly therapists in three London locations, or from wherever you are in the world via Skype counselling. Still have a question on what stops you from a healthy relationship? You can post below in comments which, do note, are made public. If you are a journalist writing about this subject, do get in touch - we may be able to comment or provide a pull quote from a professional therapist.

In life, there are two versions of people, the outgoing type and the anti-social type. With everything that has happened in my life, I think I may be anti-social. In little words, I am not the kind of person that likes to be around a lot of people. Hi Stephen, to be honest we think people are not that black and white. Many people, for example, who seem extroverted are actually behind it terribly shy and not enjoying themselves. Others who appear introverted love crowds. Secondly, why do you have to justify liking to be alone?

Do you judge yourself for it? The more you accept yourself and this part of yourself, the more others will. Thanks for the spot, all fixed. We know we are lonely! We are trying to get help. So what was the point of this article?

To make us feel more distant than we already do. Hi Fred, we are sorry you are feeling lonely and angry. This of course was not the point of the article. So understanding is the first step. The article contains many links you can click on to then learn more, with many other articles providing self help advice.

Good luck. I lost my husband after 27 years. He was never really very nice to me. Left me with no insurance behind on all the bills. Ten days after burying him I had to go to work after not working for years and catch everything up or lose it all. My problem is this. I am learning to love me after being called so many names and put down for years.

Just how do you take the next step. I am self supporting have my own home. I miss having someone around to talk to and do things with. Georgie, sounds an awful lot of change but be proud of how resilient you have turned out to be, finding work and learning to spend time with yourself.

There is no right or appropriate time to move on other than the time that feels right for you. If you need more time, than that is fine too. We wish you all the best. I already know all of this. I met a man several years ago who I fell in love with and for the first time in my life thought I could trust and adult , and found out he was just like all the other adults who pretended to love me but he undid all those years it took me to get to that point by being domesticly abusive.

I am now 53 and would rather hug a cat than a man! I never want another man near me again iftw as that bad. My ex was my dad all over again and it ended me with me. There is no such thing as a healthy relationship they simply Do Not exist as human beings have to many issues. I am lonely yes I cry every night but do I want a man in my life who can do that to me again! So deep down you have hope. Look, Denise, what we feel here is a lot of anger, perhaps even rage. Which is normal given your past. Did you work with a therapist? As thinking we are over something and being over something are two very different things.

When we are abused as , we develop a hidden, deep, dark belief we deserve to be abused. If we still have a core belief in our unconscious mind that we deserve to be abused, we still attract abusers. There is still work to be done. But here you are, alive, still here, and able to do the work of healing.

No matter what happened, you were not destroyed. But you are making choices still that destroy you. That leave you lonely and unseen, unheard, like a form of self-abuse. Victim blaming. There are myriad reasons that can contribute to a situation. From how a person looks, their voice, their job, life experiences, and yes their thoughts and ambitious which everyone has a complete rght to have, and still have friends if people were less cruel.

I see lots of people who are just utterly mean and have lots of friends. It appears that groups of friends are often gangs that develop based on a shared antisocial interest. Because that is boring. We are sorry you feel alone in life, David. But read your comment. Can you see how full of rage and anger it is? But are judging them from afar based on your own assumptions?

In summary, you are judging everyone and angry at everyone. To connect with others we need to have compassion and an open mind. Change CAN happen. We work with people who have gone through horrifying traumas. They are not victims. Because the trauma happened then, and they are in the present, putting the focus on themselves and taking responsibility for their life here and now, instead of spending all their energy finding flaws in everyone else and, indeed, making everyone else their victim.

Best, HT. I agree with David. My first reaction after reading this article was it is blaming the victim. There are so many circumstances why someone can not find a relationship. Even the people who have found a relationship have broken up because the relationship was not working for one or both. As the lady above says — she was in one marriage all her life but it was healthy and did not make her happy. I think I am pretty good and have learnt to recognize toxic relationship — but it still means that I am single bcos i recognize that a relationship with this person cannot be healthy and stay away.

And I actively work on myself to be more evolved and self aware. You need to look at statistics and look at why so many people in your words are not able to attract a healthy relationship. Hi Sophia, the assumption you seem to be making is that someone has to be in a relationship or there is something wrong with them.

Is this your belief and judgement on yourself, deep down? There is absolutely nothing wrong with not being in a relationship. Are healthy and happy? That has to come from us. So yes, keep up the good work on personal development. Sometimes if we just lessen that focus, and work at being happy, at following our passions, on finding a sense of purpose, and compassion for ourselves and others? Then we find we naturally attract friends and partners that we get along with via shared interests and values.

Best of luck. I am growing up in an environment kind of like some of these, and it worries me that I will never find love in my life ever. I ask myself, will anyone ever love me?

Tired of being alone looking for love

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When You’re Tired of Being Alone, But Scared to Fall in Love