Women want sex Camp

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I thought I would emerge from Shh , a new women-only sensual healing retreat with outposts in England and on Ibiza, with skills to help hone my sexual prowess and render me goddess-likeā€”in short, make me total catnip to men. I blame that stye on the bucketful of tears I shed at Shh. Granted, it was in an exquisite room in a gorgeous Georgian estate surrounded by Dorset farmland. The brainchild of London-based best friends Lucy Arrowsmith and Vikki Van Someren, the four- to seven-day retreat aims to combat stress, exhaustion, trauma, and the loss of female identity and sexual energy.

It took the partners more than a year to assemble their team of nine female practitioners, who combine holistic healing with group therapy, sex and relationship counseling, and liberal doses of empathy and compassion. The staff tries to make guests feel secure and supported at all times. When my eight-woman group arrived after a sodden two-and-half-hour train ride from London, we were greeted with brightly flavored red pepper soup and delicious pineapple-ginger smoothies before being shown to our rooms, which were stocked with Jo Loves candles and fresh-cut flowers.

Mine had vaulted ceilings, an enormous bathroom with a sunken marble tub, and a view for miles. The program is equal parts hedonism and hard work, and our work began right after lunch, with a group therapy session. I began to relax as I listened to the women divulge their intimacies and to the constructive advice offered by Maya and Annie. Maybe it was the supportive environment, but we all broke down while talking about our matters of the heart, which extended way beyond sexuality to things like loss and issues of self-love.

Luckily, a good measure of humor accompanied all the sniffling self-revelation. We cracked up over the concept of orgasmic birthing impossible, said the moms. And we were thoroughly giddy after doing an Osho Kundalini Meditation, in which we shook, rattled, and rolled to discordant music for 30 minutes, and then lay perfectly still, curled up in plush cashmere throws, for another The group work was complemented by individual therapy regimens prescribed by our guides.

By the end of the retreat, no one wanted to leave. We had been cosseted and cared for in every way imaginable. And when you understand that, every element of your life becomes richer, more rewarding, and more intriguing.

Women want sex Camp

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